March 11th, 2009


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it's been weeks since the last time i checked livejournal and i feel like it would take me equally as long to peruse all of the pictures posted in my absence. i feel like this group has grown so much since i first joined in 2007, but perhaps it's just that i don't have as much time as i used to.

i got to hang out with jocelyn (jocelyninthesky ) again recently, but alas, no pictures were taken. she's my first real-life friend that i met on the internet, all thanks to GUDU! =)

my dreads are somewhere around a year and half now and seem fairly static in their development. they may have fattened up a little, but the only noticeable change to me is the steady increasing of this soft carpet of loose hair all over my scalp. i'm sure there is much to be done in the way of maintenance on my head but i can't seem to bring myself to give a shit. someday maybe i'll round the tips and sew in the loose hairs, but for now i'm satisfied with a weekly washing and drying in the warm florida sunshine.

i do have a few recent pictures to share, if anyone cares to take a peek.

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i'm really excited because when i go to west palm this weekend i'll be seeing a friend of mine that i haven't seen in over a year, and she's gotten dreads since we last saw each other! she was living in venezuela and i'm pretty sure they're mostly crocheted, so i'm really curious and psyched to get my hands on them.

Set number 2

This is my second set of dreads. I had dreads previously for two months and decided to brush them out because I didn't like the sectioning. This time around I actually had someone do my hair for me. It took about 10 hours. She did a combination of backcomb/R&T/crochet.



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