March 12th, 2009

Black Dreads

I'm dreading my hair Monday, I was reading through the memories and I have naturally black hair I noticed that a lot of people highly dislike black dreads. I'm not planning on using wax at all, so I won't have that build up and overall grossness. I guess what I'm asking is how gross will my hair look? Assuming I wash it 2-3 times a week, and don't use wax. Any help/pictures will be great.

EDIT: Really terrible photo showing my hair colour.
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I apologize is this is in the memories (I didn't see it), but I was wondering about people's opinions on different times to start dreadlocks. Do you feel that the temperature, or season affects the process any? If yes, how?
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I haven't updated in a while, and my pal took some sweet pics for my promo materials that show off my dreads, so here you go.
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p.s. I read this everyday and love looking at all the dreads!