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Bf playing with hair [16 Mar 2009|11:16am]
So cute

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Enjoying the sunshine! 

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[16 Mar 2009|12:57pm]
Question for everyone. I have been looking for someone to do maintenance work for me, and around the area I live which is fox valley in wisconsin I only found one salon The looking glass. I went there the other day to talk to the hairdresser and she said for  maintenance she ties string around the roots, and rubs locking gel/ wax into each dread. Somehow she said it would get rid of my frizz and some loose hair, but I have doubts it would do much of anything. I wanted to find someone to just crochet them for me rather than using any product, because as of this point I havent used wax. She said it would cost 40.00 an hour and it could take 2-3 hours. Anyone have any opinions? 
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Don’t Lose Your Head [16 Mar 2009|03:10pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I’ve mentioned before that I dreaded my hair, and thought it was about time I posted pictures. This is what my hair looked like last summer, with my first set:

first set (front)

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new blue dreads and extension update [16 Mar 2009|07:05pm]
hiiii guys. my dreads are around 20.5 months, and my extensions have been in for about two months now. they are holding strong, and are extremely well blended into my real dreads. i just redyed my extensions, they are now special effects blue mayhem. it's nice and subtle, and a lovely change from my previous choice of fishbowl. if you haven't seen my extension tutuorial, check it out!

i like wearing this headband with my new tips, cause it really makes the blue pop.Collapse )
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[16 Mar 2009|09:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

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old vid [16 Mar 2009|10:00pm]
I posted this silly little video here 2 1/2 years ago and it somehow became a popular youtube video (19,000 views) which I still receive comments on. ha.
So if you want a lot of people to watch your youtube video, stick a kitten in it.
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