March 17th, 2009

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Hello! :)

I guess I'm semi-new to this community in the sense that I mostly watch and read. This is my first actual post.

I'm undreaded at the moment because I'm waiting to get enough length on my hair. I've been growing it out after having a completely shaved head for a year. If anyone is interested, I started a journal specifically to document the process and transition into dreads called curlybits. I'll be posting pics there often and looking for helpful advice. I'm excited! I need about another inch before I can twist it up. Right now I'm experimenting with shampoos and natural conditioners.

Anyhoo, I actually have to go home and dread my Mum's hair and I'm worried. She called me yesterday wigging out because she left some extensions in for too long and some of her hair had started knotting up while she was taking them down. Okay, the knotting is a good thing because she wants dreads anyway(she's been talking about it for a year). It just needs to knot in a more constructive manner. I had to talk her down from cutting her hair off which is about shoulder length. When I get there, I'm going to condition the bad knots out and part it into sections. Her hair is curly, but still very soft and it unravels easily. I'm debating whether to just twist it or attempt a little(emphasis on little) bit of back-combing on African American hair. My Mum is the type of person where if it doesn't work the first time around, she freaks out and does something drastic.

I know whatever I end up doing to her hair is going to slightly unravel. I can accept that, but I'm not sure if she can accept that. She really really wants to start these dreads so I'm going to help my Mum the best I can. But I'm anticipating the anxious calls of when her dreads aren't looking the way she wants them to. What are the best words of encouragement anyone has given you during the awkward stage of your dreads?
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Dread pillow

I have one massive and very important Peace Studies report due tomorrow morning... and yet I've wasted my class-free day day doing nothing!  Panic hasn't set in yet... but I think it's lurking around the corner waiting to spur me on through an all-nighter.  I can feel it! haha

Anyhoo... the other day I had my first experience of being told how I should take care of my dreads.  It was kind of strange being told I should be using wax and being looked at like I didn't know what I was doing.  C'est la vie!

So today while doing "nothing"... I took some pictures. 

My dreadies are the same age as when I last posted, I guess... about 14/15 months old now.  

I keep getting more and more loose hairs everywhere, especially at my nape and around my face.  It's funny how curly some of them are.  My hair has always been kinda wavy/puffy... but never curly.  So, somehow, it seems like my hair texture has changed :s  Has this happened to anyone else?  Cus I've been getting perfect little ringlets sometimes, which I've never had before.  The guy who told me I should be using wax said the same thing happened to him. 

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