March 18th, 2009

green city

boredom=vanity=another timeline

i made a somewhat accurate timeline of my dreads, the youngest of which are just about to turn one, the oldest of which are now sixteen months old. Also, i have been in a wrist brace since last week. it's terribly annoying, because i keep getting velcro'ed to my hair. The only perk is that i have been forced to wear my hair down, which i never usually do. but im starting to like it... or at least accept that my hair is B.I.G.


9 months and new color.

My baby dreadies recently turned 9 months on the 10th and I finally got them (mostly) back to blonde. I work in Ellicot City, MD and there's a salon called Envy, one of the girls there does my mom's and sister's hair and I'd been talking to her about if she had any experience with dreadlocks. She didn't really but I talked to her and told her about this community and let her do some dread maintanance for me along with bleaching them for me.
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Two posts in two days? AMAZING!

I just had the most interesting experience.

I was at the gas station, buying a drink for my husband and I and I noticed there was an older black woman in there, just behind me with her hair somewhat undone and looking a bit of a mess, but otherwise conventional (relaxed, but short, damaged, and looking like she tried to pull it back but just let the shorter hairs stick up and out in all directions, etc.)

I head out to the car and as I'm starting to get in, she walks up to me and says "Excuse me, but can I give you my business card in my car? I own a hair shop down the street."

Now Tucson, AZ is not a huge town by my standards, since I grew up in Philly. And it's a college town to boot. I've seen other dreadlocked people in the streets, but no other *black* people with thick, backcombed dreads like mine. Whatever, dreads are dreads, right?

I looked at the woman and said " can, but I have dreads," and I tugged on one. "And I'm not taking them"

So nodded, got in her car and drove off.

Now I wonder what made her think *my* hair was such a mess that I needed a beautician who couldn't keep her own hair straight.

Interesting indeed. I can't wait to return to Philly. At least there I have friends who can point and laugh at people's collective prejudices with me.

2 1/2 weeks

It's been 2 1/2 weeks and they're going strong. They've been washed twice and none of them have come out. Woot. I've been busy making lots of hats and dreadbands. You can see my hats on etsy since a few people were interested from the last time I posted.

And here's a pic from today before I went to the park.

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I just got a bunch of pictures from a friend of mine, this one is from this past August.
Another friend and I have been trading maintenance, I have hella loose hairs all over my head, I feel like its a little bit hopeless, but we're trying a little.
Regardless of the loose hairs, my dreads are five and a half, and I love them just the way they are.