March 19th, 2009

im guessing 2 months

So, Ive added a few more since my last post and died them. I have 13 now and still quite a bit more to go.
I havent run into any problems yet so thats good. I dont really do much with them except palmroll to keep them in check.

I was thinking today.. as i use the last bit of my non residue shampoo.. while im out buying more Im wondering if there is any such thing as an anti- frizz non residue product I can light apply to problem areas when i get out of the shower. or an anti-frizz non residue shampoo.

Anyone ran across anything like that?

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i <3 derby

I'm sitting right next to you, bro.

So I was in the commons/student services area at my school(St. Pete College, represent) and it's a nice little lounge area with tables, comfy chairs, a giant chess board, etc etc. I'm sitting with two kind of out-there friends of mine and one of their friends who I just met today. A girl with gorgeous dreads walks up and asks where a certain room is, and i tell her so she thanks me and goes to find it. The kid sitting next to me, RIGHT NEXT TO ME goes "yeah now all she needs is a better hairstyle, ew". And i just gaped at him in disbelief because he said it loud enough for her to hear it if she wasn't distracted.

Him: *shitty comment*
Me: Uh, excuse me what.
Him: That shit looks ugly on girls.
Me: *takes my hair down from the loose bun it was in* Uh, fuck you dude. (I'm more eloquent when I'm less offended.)
Him: Whatever it just looks bad.

>:| Anger. But it was all made better because she walked by again after he left and I talked to her about them and how old they were and all that. So, yeah. I wish I could have said something less vulgar to the kid but I blurted it out as I was taking my hair down.
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eternal sunshine


so my dreads are almost a month old and today my boyfriend and I took some pictures together. he doesn't have dread, YET, because his short hair wouldn't take. soon we'll make him some nice dreadies!

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extending jason's dreads

hi guys!

i recently had a hair client fly in from green bay, wisconsin to have me put extensions in and dye his hair. he brought his lovely wife and we had a nice long journey together of making his dreads long and luscious. enjoy these pics!

this is the before shot. as you can see, his color was uneven and he wanted to make sure it was all one color after we were done, close to his natural shade.

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