March 21st, 2009

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My hair is so long that everytime I wear it up I think... 'man I should do this more often!'

This pic was from last weekend... I know you can't see my dreads but I can't pass up on showing a pic of me and my man! Because love truely doesn't get much better than this, folks!


Hope everyone's been kickin ass!

My Dreadscans

I really need to take new pictures. These scans are about a month old or so. I've changed my hair color a bit since then and gave myself bangs again

these were for my art class so the color has been adjusted (& I don't have the originals) but you get the general idea

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New Colour

After being sick of how quickly my dye-in-a-box fades I decided to finally join the world of picking out my level of developer and the colour. After reviewing Lishd's page about dyeing I went to the store, found my tools and got to work. The result?
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