March 22nd, 2009

Because it's 2:30AM and you're my people.

My friends were performing their circus show in a warehouse nightclub and I got on the guest list in exchange for doing duty as the man who was in charge of the guest list. It was only supposed to be half hour shifts, but having been given a task, a mission, a purpose, I was loathe to give it up. I was happy hanging out on the street watching the drama with all the Collapse )

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Right now..

i have only one picture to share with you guys, because the batteries of my cam kinda died after that.. xD

My dreads are 14 months now and in april i will finally get my dreadhawk (+ maintenance done) and i was so surprised today of the amount that they have grown. Also the color looks icky but i can assure you they are still nice red.. just a bit faded.. the camera makes them look icky

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Greetings boys and girls.

It is me again! Feeling somewhat rough having just got back from a rather nice holiday in Richmond VA visiting some friends. During which i aquired some pictures to share and as a bonus there are some from my friend's birthday the month before also.
Or don't, whatever.

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the ones by my ears are almost to short to pull back, and come out throughout the day, but the ones that havent self rounded (the ones on the very back and top of my head are super long, with really long wispy ends and well knotted near the base of my scalp
this can get annoying but oh well :)

also people have really started comenting, when before, most people just thought i cut my hair!

full update probably around the end of march, since itll be 4 months