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Newbie [26 Mar 2009|09:09am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Hey! This is my first post.
Some short facts:

Name: Corinna
Age: 25
From: Cologne/Germany
Age of dreads: 2,5 months

If you want to know more,let me know.

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yay new headband. [26 Mar 2009|04:54pm]
I just received my custom headtube in the mail from missbell and I'm in love.

It fits lovelyish. And it holds my dreads up off my neck which is exactly what I wanted. My dreads are now coming up on four months old, I reckon.
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3 months [26 Mar 2009|05:29pm]
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Un pregunta? [26 Mar 2009|06:00pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

I am ready for dreads. I have been thinking it over a little more than a year now, and I know I want them. I can see myself with them. I have overcome the self-esteem issues, and know I would look good with them, and do not care what others think/will think. I even experimented with a few lone dreads over time, and though I loved them, I took them out because they ate my loose hairs, haha. I don't do anything to my hair but dye it occasionally, and that's okay from what I have read here.
I am truly excited, but I did have a question.

I flipped through the memories, and only saw one post on it, but still had a question that perhaps could be followed with some experience :)

I have super layered hair because of random breakage, and the unfortunate result of a terrible haircut -and- bleaching. Otherwise, it's fairly healthy, other than the split ends from where it has broken off. I really just wanted to know if it would be okay if I dreaded my shorter layers into the longer layers, and have it turn out all right? Or should I just keep the separate dreads within their own length? ( does that make sense? Ahh!)
Would it be more prone to breaking? I figure once it's grown out and thickened, it will look a tad uneven, but that isn't a problem for me. Just a few inputs to help me visualize would be nice :)
Thank you for reading.

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[26 Mar 2009|06:51pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Today I had a job interview and I wanted to do something with my hair so that it's not the first thing you can see on me (not as if my hair can actually be hidden..). Well, if you looked at me from the front you probably didn't see it. I liked the result so I thought I would 

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They said that they will let me know tomorrow about the job. I want to so so so much!!

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[26 Mar 2009|11:33pm]
here's some pictures from my trip down to new orleans!
just pictures of me/my hair

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