March 30th, 2009

a question

I am fairly certain that this hasn't been covered in the memories, but if I'm wrong, please point me in the right direction!

I'm going to make my dreads blond today and I have one that's got wool felted into it. It seems like hair dye would also dye the wool, seeing as the wool is dyed in the first place, right? So should I just cover the felted dread with foil? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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considering starting over

i posted here almost a couple months ago, saying how i wasnt that happy wiht my dreads. well, my feelings havent changed much and i've been seriously considering cutting and combing them out. there are a few different reasons.
-i want to grow out my hair so that its the same length and that would happen faster with brushable hair
-i have plaque psoriasis on my scalp and the dandruff and itching and patches are very hard to keep under control when i don't wash my hair everyday.
- i over processed the ends of my hair so i cant do anything to them anymore unless i want them to break off, which they probubly will do later
-and im curious as to what my nature hair looks like brushable, i haven't seen it in that state in over 8 years.

im just having trouble letting go and i thought if i wrote it down and shared with you it might in some way make it easier, because i do love having dreads and i definitely will have them again in the future. i just cant get over this feeling that im wimping out, its pretty much the same amount of time i had my last set before brushing them out.

thanks for reading

Found These!

I just found this pictures I had forgotten to upload that I took on the 2nd birthday (March 5) of my locks. :)

That blonde dread on the top is so strange. No matter what I do to it it always bends like a hockey stick. Silly dread!

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I know, I take waaaay too many photos. ^_^

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oh man.
so, a friend of mine was talking to me.
apparently, a girl at her school hasn't brushed her hair in a few months, and she has a dread formed under all her hair from it, even.
so i guess my friend decided to make a facebook group about her.


If 100 People Join This Group, Hannah Kraft Will Brush Her Hair .


Basic Info

Type: Just for fun- Totally Random
hannah kraft does not brush her hair . amanda and i decided this must be changed .

if 100 people join , she will brush her hair . :'D

so please join , before she grows anymore dreadlocks . D:

...what the heck?
i thought this was ridiculous.

how far have people gone to show you that they don't like your dreads?

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