March 31st, 2009

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I know there's a few of you still in this community that have been around for years like I have... so I know some of you remember my old look! After 4+ years of pretty much going au naturale... I went back to my old signature look that I sported for SOOOO many years! I kinda missed it and kinda wanted a change. I loved my black/brown dreads because I didn't have to do shit to them so we'll see how long I go before I get frustrated with having to touch up the color... but HERE YOU GO!


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A softer world - Kittentits

My friend had a dread story for me today

My good friend, not to mention one of the deadheads i've done, works in a beauty supply supply store and came back from vacation today to met a girl looking for 'the girl who has dreads'.
This girl came into the store on Saturday asking if someone in the store knew of a salon that did dreads, or if the employs would know how to do so. My friend was on vacation at the time, but her co-worker told her all she knew was that some of people use bee's wax, but told her that my friend would be back in the store on Monday and that she has dreads. To my friends surprise the girl did come back today. She told my friend how her boyfriend has been looking to start dreading his hair and they've called all the salons in the area but none "felt comfortable" dreading his hair because he was white. Aside form one salon, who said it would bee ridiculously expensive not to mention the salon was kind of far from the area. My friend set her up with everything needed to dread his hair using the crochet & backcombing method.

I was kind of in shocked hearing no one would do this boys hair because he's white. I understand that caucasian, african american, asain and even hispanic generally have very different hair types and will dread differently than others. Now i dont think this is a good advertisement for a salon though, telling people they can or cannot get dreads because of race, and not because of hair type (witch would be a little bit more understanding). I just think its ridiculous.

7ish months I think?

I was gonna wait until it was a year to post some pictures of my dreads, but I caved and decided I would do it now instead....

They are in the awkward stage for me right now. They are ALL soo loopy, shrinking and just making me annoyed so I have been wearing them in a pony tail lately which I know is not totally good for them, but meh.


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  • lishd

just how friggin' long are your dreads?

that's the question. & i'm not looking for "oh, about shoulder length!" or "i wish they'd grow faster!" - i'm looking for just how FRIGGIN' long they are. for example, my response:

my dreads are just friggin' long enough to fall into the stream of toothpaste spit every day.

other appropriate answers include:
- "my dreads are just friggin' long enough to smack me in the eyes when i turn my head too fast."
- "my dreads are just friggin' long enough to get caught between my back & any chair."
- "my dreads are just friggin' long enough to not fit into any reasonable ponytail."

so... just how friggin' long are your dreads?

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as of now, i have half a head of nappy hair.  and two wannabe knotty clumps on the right side.  hopefully tonight my friend and i can work on the rest of my hair!   i have a few webcam pictures since the charger is MIA fo LYFE apparently.

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  • tehjos

Dreadbirthday #6!

They turned six over March break but I didn't get time to post anything, alas!

Self portrait drawn out of boredom awhile ago... it's not perfect and I'm out of practice, but it was fun!

Here's an updo I did awhile ago... looked nifty... wish I wasn't too lazy to do this sort of thing more often. ;p

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And, well... The only recent pictures I have of myself are from...

Okay, my secret's out... I'm an enormous nerd... I play a live-action roleplay (LARP) called Underworld, based in Acton, Ontario, Canada. Say what you will, but by the gods, is it ever fun! Great exercise too.

My current hair colours were actually partially inspired by my character because the last batch clashed with her costume... *cough*

Included are some pictures of the new armour I made for game. :) You might want to skip them if you're not cool with leather...

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The only other recent pics I've got are from a session that involved suspension hooks, so be careful if you're skeeved by that sort of thing.

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Hope you enjoy. :)