April 1st, 2009

Shoot, Bang

14 Months

My dreads are hitting 14 months this weekend. This is by far the longest I've kept a set of dreads. I'm finally getting a decent amount of length. My hair is already scary thick. Its about to my shoulders at the longest point, and already its too fat to pull back with one hand.   

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livejournal anthology - we could be in it!

hey guys, livejournal wants to put a GUDU entry in the printed anthology! they've asked me to list my top five posts. i'm asking each of you to list ONE post that you feel should be THE post included, & i'll choose my top five from those. feel free to use the memories (especially the "beautiful posts" section) or link to a post that you feel truly represents this community.

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fwiw, i don't care about the paid time, but i'd like to see dreadheads represented in the positive light this community brings to us. as noted, i need to have my selections in by the night of april 5th, so hurry & respond before sunday afternoon! thanks all.

edit: i'm not choosing a post that's all photo & no text. the book isn't meant to represent one person's hair. it's a representation of the COMMUNITY. we all look different, but we share many of the same attitudes. find a post that represents that, not "ooh pretty".

shrinkage, length, etc.

I just spent a long time reading the memories. I didn't find anything mentioning what has been frustrating me lately so I am going to vent and maybe someone with sympathize/give advice?
I love my dreads but the ones in the front are almost twice as long as the ones in the back that have tightened up a lot faster for some reason. I can understand somewhat why this would be, but I wish that it was more even. It looks strange when I put them in a ponytail and I feel like I have one of those asymmetrical haircuts.
Here's one of the long ones: (Sorry for the quality, no batteries for the digital camera so webcam it is!)
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I bet you people with bangs use them to deal with the ones in the front! But I think I would look bad with bangs. Never liked them for some reason.

I know time will take care of this but I felt like complaining :D

Thanks for looking!