April 2nd, 2009

Timeline, almost 1 year

Ok ok, so I combed my dreads out. The sectioning was bothering me a lot, and I didn't want to ruin more hair by ripping/combining them. It took me a whole week of combing to get them out, but my hair is so long and I can't wait to start set #2 in about a month or so.. So without further ado, here is my timeline.. (my camera batteries die all the time, so the dates are obviously not all right)

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combed out.

91:365 - braid, originally uploaded by bubble dumpster.

on march 28, i combed out one of my dreadlocks.
i braided it, and left it like that.

i kind of think it's time for the dreads to go.
i'm tired of being judged for them.
i'm tired of looking like a stereotype.
(especially since it's a stereotype that i don't fit.)

most of all i'm tired of being defined and identifed by them.

one week from today they'll be a year old.

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So I thought I would post some pix of my dreads. I started them around the begining of march I think sooo they are almost a month. I am just letting them do there thing not messing with them at all. I am really excited for these locks cause they are a lot bigger than my first set...but you never know whats ganna happen(which is fun) Things are finally going pretty good with me and I am pretty sure I am moving to olympia this summer which is excited. I hope to meet some dreadheads over there cause Spokane sucks!
So here are some pix.
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