April 3rd, 2009

bandu knots take 2

today i'm taking a risk and rocking the bandu knots to work. i work in a very corporate office (i actually work for the city) so my co-workers are blown away by my dreads. they like them, but they're always asking me ridiculous questions about maintaining them and such. so i'm sure today's style will confuse the hell out of them..."oh my gawd! did you cut your hair?! how do you wash it like that?" haaa


Since dreads are the natural state of hair I figured I'd attempt to get them 'naturally' through the neglect method. I've not brushed for about 2 weeks and I don't think I have a single knot in my hair ... it's very fine so I know I'm in for a long journey if I stick with neglect. I did my homework, and I didn't see much in the memories about this, so here goes:
How does neglect work, I mean what will happen to my hair during the whole process? Will my hair section itself and then knot up or what.
Is there anything I should or shouldn't do to help the process out? I'm using Dr. B's shampoo and not brushing, but haven't changed anything other than that.


Hello strangers...

I've been gone for a while, I'm sorry about that. Lots of things have been goin on that have affected me in many ways and meant that the internet has been pretty far down the list of priorities. However, I thought a little update was in order, as I've been busy!

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the Dreads are three months old

First i appologise for the lack of posting...i have just been lurking around observing you all
Secondly and excuse the excitement

Three months Old my dreads are 3 months old!!! and theyr the more awesomtasticly bangin thing iv ever done!!!!
Thanks to all who helped and convinced me to Stop freakin out and gave me advise on getting them started these are here to stay
Comments welcomed
im lovin it

PS sorry for the stoned eyes lol its one in the morning here and i been skating in the sun all day
plus.. i just toked an  epic J at my friends
snow white is dead


ah my dreadlocks. AHHH.
oh how much shit i've been getting for having them. ohhh if only i got a dollar for every time i've been looked down on for the past two months for these beautiful locks of hair that just keep locking up despite the constant negativity.

and you know what i say?

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16 MONTHS and still going strong. these babies arent going ANYWHERE.
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six month time line

My dreads are six months (seven on the 15th of April!) so I thought maybe I'd do a time line. They have really grown and changed over the last six months and I've had some MAJOR shrinkage. On to the photos (they are very large BEWARE!)

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Also getting my first tattoo on Tuesday (and yes Lish I've read your aftercare instructions)