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Grand Rapids, Michigan [07 Apr 2009|12:12am]
And/or nearby!

I am looking to FINALLY start my dreads. Does anyone have recommendations of whom I should go to?
I can afford anything up to mid range, but if I have to save up for awhile it's very worth it to have the best dreads possible in the long run.
So, personal recommendations/photos would be awesome!!!

I'm really, really excited.

TIA :)
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the best time to post.... [07 Apr 2009|09:42am]
[ mood | content ]

is when I should be studying. isn't that always the case?

I stumbled upon gudu a few months ago, and I adore looking at everyone's photos.
thought it was time for me to finally share a few of my own.

dreads are 14 months old. I've wanted them for many, many years but for too long I let others' opinions of me matter too much.
finally, I turned 30 and decided I was ready to do it.
I'd been slowly growing more and more comfortable in my own skin, learning to my myself.
that meant doing what felt the most intrinsically comfortable and genuine.

and so that is how these dreads have made me feel. they are who I am and part of who I want to be.

so without further ado, a bit of a timeline:

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bored, question. [07 Apr 2009|01:35pm]
So my baby dreads are ok but I washed them with dread head dread soap after not washing them for about two weeks and they seem a little more loose. I looked in the memories and didn't find anything on that particular soap. I've read that dish soap works well, I was just wondering if maybe the dread head soap isn't as good as the site runners make it out to be. I've stopped trusting them after I read about why waxing is bad and also that they recommend rubber banding the ends and such. I've been thinking about using Dr. Bronner's but I haven't started my new job yet. I find out my schedule tomorrow. Anyway, thanks in advance. =]
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I am so happy. [07 Apr 2009|05:16pm]

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Monthversary! [07 Apr 2009|05:47pm]
[ mood | calm ]

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I've been with my dreads two months. I don't know why but weeks ago I thought I was going to be three months with my dreads... gah, I'm not good at math.
Well, have a nice day :D
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Zombie Prom + More!!! [07 Apr 2009|10:21pm]
Ghouls Night Out!
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