April 9th, 2009



Its been just over 2 Months! I havent posted any pics yet, so Figured now would be a good time. I have some pictures that I edited and a few that are just to show what my dreads look like.

Ive started to get little loops at the roots and randomly through the dreads (especially at the back)  Aswell, at the back, its hard to keep them from matting into one big huge clump. My firends dreads are like a huge matte at the back. :S When you lift one, then all lift with it and they are matted all the way to their half way point. I guess I just wanna avoid that, and wondering if just ripping them apart as much as I can(which sometimes doesnt seem like anything) Is enough. I also have a shitload of random loose hairs. Right at the front I have a couple and I have tried pulling them into the dread, but somehow I get more, or they come back :(
I dont do anything for maitnence. Sometimes if I want them to look nice and a little less frizzy, I palmroll with a little bit of Aloe. It works great! I shampoo them with 2 different bars of Lush shampoo. One is Soak and float (smells like campfire) to prevent dandruff, and a green one that I cant remember the name, but it makes my hair really clean, and smell great! Smells really earthy and almost a bit like lime.

All in all I really adore them. I get strange looks all the time, aswell people ask me if I wash them!!!! Haha. I think its fun when people ask questions and wanan feel them and stuff! It amuses me :)
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my boyfriends had dreads for about 7-8 months.. they are locking really well- but the problem is that he has a lot of loose hair. how do i get it to lock into the dreads? ive checked memories but i would love you forever if you could give me some tips or advice on what worked for YOU


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1.58 years

Hello everyone, long time no see.
I just have a quick update here. I haven't been too active here, i hope everyone is doing well.

My dreads turned 1.5 years old a month ago so i thought i would just post a picture.


Until next time.

P.s. Look at how short they are in my default picture! wow.

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hello gudu :]

i brushed my 5ish month old dreads out a while ago and completely forgot to post. oops.
anyway, it took me and my mom two straight days of cutting, conditioning and combing.
im happy to report that my hair is just as healthy and full as ever despite all the damage and dishsoap it took over the months.

tons of pictures, dial up beware.
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in retrospect, im actually quite glad to have brushed my dreads out.
towards the end, it was getting really difficult to separate my roots and my scalp was always sore. i was going through a lot at the time and it was definitely like lifting a huge weight off my shoulders.
so there you go, im proof that not everybody that cuts off their dreads regrets it.

i hope youre all having a lovely day.

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So am I going crazy because my scalp is itching so much or WHAT?

(HINT: The correct answer is not "or what".)

I wanted to wait at least a full week before I did anything to my head, but I was getting ready to jump out of my skin or at least have my hands stapled to my thighs to try and help stop all the scratching I wanted to do. Both of those sound pretty painful, so I jumped in the shower to wash my scalp and hopefully keep as much of my dreads un-touched as possible. I did this except instead of pouring the mix from my hairline back over my head, I tipped my head forward so the shower-capped knot of dreads was pointing up and poured from the edges of that DOWN.

(PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap in eyes = bad for your general well-being.  Luckily it rinsed away very easily and the sting didn't linger.)

I'm kind of nervous because the dreads at the base of my neck didn't get their roots combed as tight as most of the others, and that's where most of my itching was (and where most of my scalp-massaging happened.)  Hopefully I won't have trouble with them locking up.

Now to blow dry.  Gently.  Maybe I should make some friends so I can invite them over and have them actually blow on my hair to dry it.  Gently.


2 mo and some days

In just a few weeks they have progressed alot. Really excited about this set. I haven't had a single person ask me "Did you brush you dreads out?".

I also got two baby girl rats.. Their names are Gretchen & Louise. If anyone can guide me to a good community or good advice.. Im new to the rat owner thing. Ive got a few questions.

anyway on to it.

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