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[11 Apr 2009|12:27am]
[ mood | happy ]

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I'm new to this.... Don't bite me :] [11 Apr 2009|05:00am]
Dreaded photos for you all.... :] (image heavy...)



Dreaded progress followsCollapse )
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Mallorca Dreads [11 Apr 2009|12:59pm]
I haven't posted for ages and recently got asked to get my arse in gear so...

Here are some pictures that were taken last week during my climbing holiday in Mallorca. We found a beach with limestone routes up it. I could actually belay standing on the sand! An amazing place.

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Henna [11 Apr 2009|01:06pm]
Last Sunday I hennaed my dreads. Read more...Collapse )
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Awesome dreads.... [11 Apr 2009|02:08pm]
I was at a tattoo expo here, and saw a woman getting inked, but then I saw her dreads, which I thought were gorgeous.

Dreads + Tattoo = Instant Interest!

her tattoo was in progress, linework wasn't done yet but I did manage to get a picture of her dreads

Through here, in case too bigCollapse )

I wish I'd thought to ask her how old they were, or even gotten a better picture, but they were so awesome, so much better in person than the picture shows.
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the dredd suspension lives on... [11 Apr 2009|02:51pm]
dude. i was off downloading a disturbed album from some fool on metal_mp3 and look what the hell just came up in a pop upCollapse )
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MY mum liked these pictures. so now i share them [11 Apr 2009|05:46pm]
 my mum took em. and now shes going to take me to see watchmen.
 my hair of recent timesssz
i often wear my hair like this -in a maasssive plait thing.Collapse )

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