April 12th, 2009

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The cons to tossing and turning in your sleep...

I started my dreads a month ago on the 7th, I did them mostly in one day, but i took some time for me to get around to finishing the back because I was the only one doing it. Anyway, my hair was very short when I started dreads, I left them for a few days and they didn't hold their own well, so I lightly banded the loose ones tips to give them a decent chance in survival, I've heard many pros and cons to using bands, but mostly pros to keep the dread itself together for short hair.

I put the bands in at about 1.5 weeks, and at a month, I took them all out except for a few around my  nape and in similar locations where my hair was shorter to begin with. Here in lies the problem, I don't want to fuck with my dreads, add anything to them I don't even relatively have to, or do anything like that besides just letting them do their own thing, but the right side of my hair always seems to get ripped apart more when I'm sleeping. In most of the posts I saw that related to this subject, they mentioned how rolling around on the pillow case actually made their dreads feel tighter in the morning. I toss and turn quite a bit, but even if I sleep on the left side of my head, my left side remains firm and the right tries to fall out during my sleep. I kind of want to felt/crotchet my dreads a bit, but I'm more worried about over-crotcheting them, than my hair being a little more lose on one side.

Also, no matter what, when I palm roll my hair (well, more so between my thumbs and forefingers since my hair is so short), especially after washing, it seems to make it frizzier instead of tightening it up a bit, it might just be my shampoo, I'm using Dr. Bronner's liquid peppermint soap, but it seems to not only leave me with an insane amount of residue no matter how much I rinse, but it's also giving me wet dandruff and it makes my hair feel extremely soft, the next time I go to the store I'm going to pick up some T-Gel since it has quite a bit of good reviews in this comm.

I'm going to go back over the memories and look a bit more, but any sort of advice is welcome.

For those of you who have/had short hair and used bands to keep some of the less cooperative ones dreaded, how long did you leave them on, and how often did you change the bands (if ever) to avoid them deteriorating/melting or causing some weak spots?
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Long time, no PEEX!!

...and GUDU to you too!

Last time I posted, I was combining every dread on my head because I was 160-something strong, if I remember right.

So for those that remember, those that don't, and those that have no clue what I'm rambling about, here's a shit-ton of pics! I had originally done braids for my combining. The braids slowly came undone as MOSTLY as about 80% of each loc was...well...locked. So the braiding on everything but the root came undone. But it looks madd cool, and ever since I saw the guy's locks that has whole HANDS, not just chicken feet, I wanted to see how my locks would come out if I had a headfull. So I never worked to redoing braids because the roots stayed braided anyway, and that's really all I needed.

P.S.: For those that are at work or in a professional environment, I don't usually wear shirts. As is the norm for me, I am not wearing shirts in these pics, but that is the extent of my "nudity". You have been forewarned, lol.

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Hello everyone! How are you guys doing? All your dreads are looking awesome and I have never felt more inspired to grow my dreads.. patiently.. =)

So heres a little update..

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so, i finally got the motivation to finish my dreads.

warning: photodump!
also, i don't know why the pictures are different sizes.

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and a couple weeks ago, i did dreads on my best friend, blackdresses___. i think they came out pretty snazzy, especially for my first attempt at someone else's dreads. she posted when they were just done, here.

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and that's all for now! my dreads will be 6 months in about 2 weeks. so another post will happen then. :]

Happy Easter!
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