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[13 Apr 2009|12:02am]
I've had the most liberating weekend... I wrote a haiku about it

a cage of bright lights
sky-scraper rollercoaster
let go, still secure

In the past 3 days, I've been to 4 carnivalsCollapse )

My friend also bought me some gum and taught me how to blow a bubble for the first time in my life. I was pretty excited.
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Hurrstyle [13 Apr 2009|12:29am]
I grabbed some locks and tied them back a few weekends ago. My boyfriend though it looked cool and so I snapped some peektures!
13 months oldCollapse )
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any tips... [13 Apr 2009|12:17pm]
Any tips on drying dreads thoroughly?

I find that my dreads remain moist for quite some time after i towel dry them... Any suggestions on how to dry them quickly and thoroughly?
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today's hair [13 Apr 2009|03:32pm]

one moreCollapse )

all i did was roll my locks in little rows to one side and secure them by tying two locks together in a knot. no pins or hairbands needed!
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second set [13 Apr 2009|05:22pm]
So I combed out my last set of dreads in january due to their intense developmental problems, and now I'm 100% ready for round 2. I'm having two friends help me out (one is a hairstylist) and we're going to spend Wednesday afternoon dreading.
I don't think I can adequately describe just how. fucking. excited. I am to start another crazy dread-journey!
old babies and hair nowCollapse )

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care to hear a short story slightly invloving GUDU? [13 Apr 2009|05:51pm]
a few months ago a girl in my school started her dreads. her hair was long and bautiful and dreads would look PERFECT in her hair. so i brought her to my house and i helped her back comb, and then i brought her here. and stressed NO WAX! after spending five or ten minutes on here she decided that you guys didnt have a clue what you were talking about (lol) and that she would go to a beauty shop and ask them. they told her to use wax, and not to wash them at all.
i dont have any pictures to show you exactly how terrible this is, but her head looks like a cat crawled onto her head and died. its clumpy, and she seriously has dread just tearing out of her head.

its such a shame, cause her hair would have looked so good if she would have listened to what you guys were saying.
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Eleven Months [13 Apr 2009|05:57pm]

Lish, I convinced my man to make Seattle our honeymoon destination, which means I'll be hitting you up in about a month to knot up the rest of my hairs!
Once we finalize dates on when we'll be out your way I'll shoot you another email. We're still thinking the second weekend of May. :D
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8 months [13 Apr 2009|06:26pm]

I keep thinking I'm counting wrong, there's no way I've had dreads for 8 months already, but I guess time just flies when you're having fun. :P
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Just a few pics... [13 Apr 2009|07:11pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

I wanted a photo of the back of my head with the cat peeking over my shoulder. She hates being picked up so I knew it'd be tricky! It sort-of worked:

A few more recent snaps...Collapse )

The dreads will be 3 years old this summer. Best hairstyle decision I ever made!

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[13 Apr 2009|08:56pm]

Yeasterday a friend helped me dye my 2 and a half year old dreads.  

Klick to se how it turned out!Collapse )

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