April 14th, 2009

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1.5 years

my dreads are a year&a half today! my hair has always been slow-growing, and i'm so excited that my dreads are getting longer. i have a lot of loose hairs that only bother me on some days, usually i love those too. this is, without a doubt, the best decision regarding my hair that i have ever made, and i can't wait to see how they continue to mature and change.

from a few days ago:

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thank you gudu, for constant inspiration and pure awesome. also, i'll be moving to olympia, washington in late august, so hi there people in washington!
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Eleven Months...

Tomorrow my hair will have been dreaded for eleven months. Time has flown by. I can't believe I am where I am today, considering what my life was like just a short year ago.

Anyways. Is there anyone in the Eugene/Salem/Corvallis/[maybe Portland?] area [in Oregon] who's interested in doing some maintenance trade? I've let my hair go for the past five months or so, and have reached the point where I can't do all of the maintenance that needs to be done.
[There's nothing about Oregon on the people in your area page... Probably because it seems like everyone here already has well-kept dreads...]

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Dread History

Hello everybody!

I live in the DMV (DC/MD/VA) area. Here is a bunch of pictures that chronicle my dreads. They are almost 5 months old. I am pretty lazy, so a lot of them are loose and I have a lot of loose hairs, but oh well! Ha.

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dreadwraps yes!

hey guys, i had a few questions.
i was looking through the memories, but i didn't see anything about this
[however i did see some ADORABLE backwards dread antler things]
and i was wondering a few things about dread wraps!
not the ones with the scarf over all your dreads, but the ones where you'd wrap an individual dread.
i have a friend who did this with pipecleaners, and with string.
i was wondering if you could do it with hemp, and if it would be better or worse.
also, i was wondering if you could wrap it in the style that you would do hemp bracelets,
that kind of a knot, and if it would look nifty? has anyone tried this? would it impair my dreads?

also, do any of you have any pictures of your hemp jewelry?
ive been making bracelets lately, and im hoping for some eyecandy, and some inspiration!
i've seen quite a few gorgeous necklaces on gudu ladies around here- do any of you make your own?

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hello spring!! or hello snow!!!

I was really bored today and thought I would post some pix. My dreads are about a month and umm two wks. They are looking pretty crazy right now but are locking up pretty good. I have a large secton of hair near my nape that is pretty much going to be natural. I tried backcombing and they didn't really stay so I am just going to let it do whatever.

I am sooo excited for spring btw!! The weather has been pretty weird though. In the morning it will snow and will be cold as fuck then later in the day the sun comes out and it gets all nice for the rest of the day. Strange.... How is everyone elses spring so far?
oh and is anyone else going to Sashsquash festival? Just woundering.
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We had a Battle of the Bands at our school last week in which my impromptu band performed. The band name was Mama Medusa and our first practice was when we performed on stage, hahah. Poor planning :)

We came in 4th place though! Out of 10. So I think it went really well for having never practiced before, ever. :)

Here's some ~*BaCk StaGe*~ pics :)

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Aaaaaaand my dreads will be 8 months tomorrow! WOOOO HOOOO :)