April 15th, 2009


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Okay, before I ask, I am well aware that I may have some sort of mental deficiency. I'm also well aware that the question is stupid, and I'm probably going to get some looks.. Sorry! I think I'm just overthinking the whole thing.

...But for those of you who started (and love :) ) your own dreadlocks, do you have any little tricks for doing the back yourself?

I definitely checked the memories. a LOT.

Thanks for your patience :)

1.5 years

Hello everyone, long time no see. I posted a update a while ago and just remembered it. I just noticed that there was a picture of a chess set. ha.

I haven't been too active here, i hope everyone is doing well.

My dreads turned 1.5 years old a month ago so i thought i would just post a picture.


Until next time.

P.s. Look at how short they are in my default picture! wow.
master sword

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May would have marked 1 year of dreadiness for me, but it's getting warm again here in the good old dirrrty south, and I kept feeling like I was wearing a wool cap 24/7. I felt compelled to chop them off, and so I did!

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