April 16th, 2009

Picture Requests

Hey I was wondering if anyone can help me out and comment me pictures of people who are Indian or Indian descent (South East Asian) people with dreads. Please? Thanks. (Checked the memories for this already.)

Getting skinny. AND ITCHY.

So my dreads are getting skinnier. And OH THE ITCHING. I washed my hair on Sunday with the Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap + water mix but it didn't help with the itchies. So I'm trying tea tree shampoo next and that spray that has been suggested.


I have a baaaaaaad problem with dry scalp and dandruff. I don't want to try using a "dandruff shampoo" just yet, because tea tree has worked in the past. But I really hope that this isn't going to be a continuing problem because every time I see flakes in the roots of my dreads I just feel so unattractive and dirty.

One and a half weeks old today.


Oh! They;re almost 10months old. People are complimenting me, by my hair. Some people yelled 'ey rasta' at me. Ha. I'm proud of them, cause they;re developing so well. Although it;s difficult to maintain the backside of my head. I got many loose hairs. And i would like to thank all of you for the inspiring daily posts and dreadlocks here on GUDU.

New Dreadite Here

Thought Id introduce myself. I live in a pretty narrow-minded part of Ohio, and have a professional job. Ive been considering dreads for years, but due to the economy I was fearful of losing my job after 7 years (case management for the disabled). I am happy to say that I finally bit the bullet with no repercussions from work! My baby dreads are a week old today and took 11 hours to complete. However, I wish I would of looked for this community earlier. I followed the advice, and bought the product of Dreadheadhq, which looking back probably wasn't the best. I don't think I did anything that I can't undo, and its mostly wax related, so hopefully I didn't do too much initial damage. I'll definitely post pics at a later date.

Yesterday I spent about two hours reading through the memories just to get a jist of what has already been covered. I do have some questions though that are mostly experience related. If I missed it in the memories, please feel free to point me in the right direction.

-I am part of a roller derby league. I think I read that there are a few roller girls here. What advice can you give me for upkeep and helmet sizing? Right now my dreads are really thick and don't seem to fit any helmet. Also, before I was dreaded I know my hair STUNK after practice. What do you girls do to counteract this? I'm actually wary of attending practice because I dont want to funk up my dreads so early in their creation.

- If there was one dread product (whether self made or bought) that you couldn't live without, what would it be? Im curious to read more about using aloe since Im starting to believe that wax is not the best and I have to keep it professional as possible, is there a memory somewhere that I missed?

-When I had my hair dreaded, I put rubber bands on the tips. It seems that the ends have locked up pretty quickly because of this but I would like to take them out soon. Should I take them out before I wash my hair or after? If its before, they may unknot. If its after, I may not get all the wax out. Opinion or experience?

-Is there a way that we can put a search engine in the main info page that searches the memories? I think that may be helpful for the dread noobs, unless I missed it.

Thank you for this community and sorry about the tl;dr

One Year!

My dreads are one year old today! i'm so excited! happy birthday to my babies!

I started them late at night on the fifteenth and finished them the morning of the sixteenth. i used wax a few times in my first couple months and once i found get_up_dread_up, quit cold turkey and deep cleaned them until i was satisfied all the icky wax was as gone as it was going to be. now i don't use anything in them or do really ANY maintenance, i have some loose hairs i need fixed up but i am so happy with them now.

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i love my dreads. doing them was a life changing decision and i am so happy i went through with it. my only regret is i didn't do them years ago!

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My roommate is an asshole.

So, my roommate and I once upon a time were best friends. Then we moved in together. Now he hates me, says I'm obnoxious, annoying, and he doesn't like it when he's playing music and I start dancing to it. He's also a fan of being passive-aggressive, never telling when I'm doing things which annoy him, until I ask him why there's an angry note taped on our door. Today I discovered a particularly lovely quote taped up next to his desk.
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(no subject)

Has anyone ever looked up the definition of dreadlocks in their local dictionary? Whenever I do I invariably get something saying the hair is 'twisted into ropelike locks' or 'long braids radiating from the scalp to form locks'. I think that they say it like that because they don't know how to sum up dreadlocks in one sentence. But then again on GUDU we all have different opions of what a dreadlock is.

Can we all agree that dreadlocks involve knots?

The definition could be something like 'a style of hair where the hair is knotted or matted to acheive heightened attractiveness/prettiness'

I realize the "Definition of Dreads" topic is in the memories but it's thrusday and I'm bored so here you go;

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Dread Noob.

I've only had my dreads for a few weeks, but I love them! And joined this group to learn more about taking care of them, so I'm posting a couple pics of how they're coming along. Yes, they are quite small.
This is how they look now:

This is how they looked when I first got them:
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