April 19th, 2009

south park me

Quick update

I don't take pictures of myself often, but I was in AZ last week with the parentals, and here's one of me with my mom in Sedona. We were doing our fake smiles to humor my dad. Also some cacti pics. Just beautiful plants!

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curly look left

Curly dreads

This Friday, I washed my hair and braided it, then let it dry that way. When I took them out, I had some cute, curly dreads. Some were not really that curly because they were thicker and stiffer, but I was happy with the result.
I don't really have that many great shots, but a few.
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my latest headband

hello people of  gudu, i thought i would share my new headband i  made to everyone.
this is hand crocheted by me, and is made as a wrap with ties on the end  so  it will fit any size head/dreads. 
i'm thinking of selling these at £7 British pounds  which converts to $10.35 US (i think?) and EU 7.94. do correct me if these rates are wrong! ANYWAYS
would YOU buy one for this price?
please just let me know what you think of the head wrap/ price, and if you are interested in having one made especially for you in your choice of colour.
thanks :)

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I need help!

So I've had my dreads a few months now, they started to form nicely, but then the back ones came out completely, and the rest of them have started to eat eachother and they're looking really flat and unnaturally hard.. and I don't know what to do, I've palmrolled, I've tried to seperate them, I had a friend help but she was clueless and made them worse.. is there anyone in Philadelphia that can help me seperate them? I can't afford to pay 300 bucks to go to a salon, and I'm kinda scared of the salons at that...

save me :(