April 21st, 2009

red cedar flowers!

lemon juice

For those of you who have done the deep clean, I have a major question. Well, maybe not major... per say... I bought some lemon juice to do a deep clean for ohnoooooooo but I just read that there is added lemon OIL in the ingredient list! Is that going to be ok?

I would post a picture of my dreads, when I had them, but my computer is running so incredibly slow! Alas!

9 months

My dreads turned 9 months on Sunday, and I think they're turning out really well. They're not entirely straight, but I like that because it gives them character. :]Collapse )
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Dreads = Drug Dealer?

So, I've already talked to Emily about this, but I was curious to get input from the community as a whole.
This past weekend there was a music festival at my college and untold numbers of people asked me for untold numbers of drugs (many of which I was unaware there was such terminology for). I find it ironic since I'm one of the few straightedge kids at my school, so I am not up to date with new drug slang. After awhile the amusement of irony wears off and I consider making shirts to wear that say "I don't sell drugs!", seeing as this happens on a regular basis.
It really irritates me that simply because I have dreads, people assume I'm a drug dealer. I'm assuming this is something that as long as I keep I'll have to deal with too. (Plus I'm not even going to get into how many times cops have pulled me over to search my car for drugs.)
Is anyone else constantly hounded for drugs (based solely on your appearance)?

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maintenance session: joel

hi guys!

yesterday, i worked on joel's 7-year-old dreads. he had them started by dread perm when they were just 6 inches long. he has since lost all the parts that were permed due to breakage, but as you can see, his locks aren't really any worse off for it years down the line. he was mostly concerned with cleaning up his hairline in time for summer, so that's where i focused.

check out these badass locks!

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Anyone in or near the southeast Wisconsin area know how to make and put in permanent dread extentions? I have been growing out my undercut and I had someone who was supposed to help me but it's been awhile since I heard from them and I need a plan B.

I've got straightedge

So recent entries have gotten me curious as to how many people in this communitiy are actually straightedge?  I'm not trying to do a whole "woo I do not do drugs or drink so I am better and I want to know who else is better too" type thing; I'm just wondering because even without dreads I've definitely always felt like one of few, but then add on the common stereotypes that come with having dreads and there's even less of us out there.

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GUDU Survey

Hello everyone,

Lish has given the go-ahead to create a survey about GUDU members.   Right now it will include things like drug/alcohol use, time having dreads (all sets), age, gender, and a few other demographic bits. 

So, tell me GUDU, what would you like to know about your fellow members?

EDIT:  I'm planning on including pretty much everything you all ask for, so keep em coming.

I think I'm also going to take out a one month subscription to survey monkey so I can do an anonymous survey and also have more data manipulation options.  :D

Hopefully this baby will be up by Friday.