April 23rd, 2009


Anyone heard of the levellers?

lish, feel free to delete if off topic. But this guy has the best dreads in the world (in my opinion)

Hes the base player in the levellers, a folk/rock(ish) band. ("What a beautiful day-hey-hey..."), I've seen them live more times then I can remember (probally because they are regulars at a festival I've been going to since I was a toddler), and are probally responsible for the first mosh pit type thing that I ever went in... at a folk festival :)

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A gift from Goss :)

Miss Hightimes?

I took a few new pictures for the miss hightimes contest, and I figured I'd post them since I NEVER update...or take pictures for that matter
They're a little more, er, "bold" than I usually go, due to the nature of the competition. :D
I don't know if anyone else saw it, but the first girl who won the competition had BEAUTIFUL locks. I'll try to find a pic of her to put up when I can.

If you'd give me a sick rating while you're at it I'd appreciate it. Burning Emma

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frap frap

hello beauties,

long time! just a quickie...

i was in the shower before, doing my bi-weekly hair wash. once i was all clean, i decided to palmroll (palmrub? can't remember) my dreads, as it's been about a year a while. so, water off, to save water, and i do it for about 5 minutes. not sure if it had an effect, but made me feel better. however, when i came out of the shower, my neighbour had been in the communal toilets next door (i do have my own shower, but the communal one has SUCH great pressure, i use that for me hairs), obviously listening to me. i hadn't realised before, but what does vigorous palmrolling sound like? vigorous other-rubbing. ahem. she was blatantly surprised at my unabashed, soggy 'bonjour'... expecting me to be mortified. am sure she's now on the phone telling all her friends about the dirty hippie having a wank AFTER his shower.
just thought i'd share!

well... there was gonna be piccies, but i can't access scrapbook cos i won't pay for it, and can't be faffed with creating a frickin photobook account. know that i'm beautiful.

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