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Anyone heard of the levellers? [23 Apr 2009|10:26am]
lish, feel free to delete if off topic. But this guy has the best dreads in the world (in my opinion)

Hes the base player in the levellers, a folk/rock(ish) band. ("What a beautiful day-hey-hey..."), I've seen them live more times then I can remember (probally because they are regulars at a festival I've been going to since I was a toddler), and are probally responsible for the first mosh pit type thing that I ever went in... at a folk festival :)

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Miss Hightimes? [23 Apr 2009|12:14pm]
I took a few new pictures for the miss hightimes contest, and I figured I'd post them since I NEVER update...or take pictures for that matter
They're a little more, er, "bold" than I usually go, due to the nature of the competition. :D
I don't know if anyone else saw it, but the first girl who won the competition had BEAUTIFUL locks. I'll try to find a pic of her to put up when I can.

If you'd give me a sick rating while you're at it I'd appreciate it. Burning Emma

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frap frap [23 Apr 2009|01:01pm]
[ mood | clean ]

hello beauties,

long time! just a quickie...

i was in the shower before, doing my bi-weekly hair wash. once i was all clean, i decided to palmroll (palmrub? can't remember) my dreads, as it's been about a year a while. so, water off, to save water, and i do it for about 5 minutes. not sure if it had an effect, but made me feel better. however, when i came out of the shower, my neighbour had been in the communal toilets next door (i do have my own shower, but the communal one has SUCH great pressure, i use that for me hairs), obviously listening to me. i hadn't realised before, but what does vigorous palmrolling sound like? vigorous other-rubbing. ahem. she was blatantly surprised at my unabashed, soggy 'bonjour'... expecting me to be mortified. am sure she's now on the phone telling all her friends about the dirty hippie having a wank AFTER his shower.
just thought i'd share!

well... there was gonna be piccies, but i can't access scrapbook cos i won't pay for it, and can't be faffed with creating a frickin photobook account. know that i'm beautiful.

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Long time no post! [23 Apr 2009|02:39pm]
Hey lovelies! I haven't posted in forever! My dreads are about eight and a half months old right now. That's so crazy. Anyways. I went to Coachella last weekend so I have a bunch of pictures. Enjoy. <3

I'm a kitty cat.
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back again with maintenance. [23 Apr 2009|06:26pm]
So I deleted livejournal a while ago, but I just got dread maintenance today and I just had to show it off. I used to be fluxofpinkbikes but I deleted it. Bah. They will be a year old next month!

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I do what I want. I think... [23 Apr 2009|08:19pm]
[ mood | Tipsy ]

I got a laptop. I feel like I robbed the bank (I hate spending money).

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[23 Apr 2009|10:01pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I really dig this kind of style. Totally did it by accident yesterday.

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