April 27th, 2009

sea gyspy

Busy Girl

Sorry I haven't been around - I miss you dreadies!!!
My world sort of took a big 180 turn, I never thought I would be so
busy while being unemployed!
Anyway - my friend started up a company - got us a booth at the S.F. Pride
(anyone going this year?)
So we've been working getting all of our top secret ingredients together.
Will post more information soon.

For now - I'm realizing that I'm at my 3 year mark.
I don't remember the exact day -
but I know it was the last week of April -
who knows! Maybe I'm bang on schedule!

Anyway - so many amazing things happening right now and I can't wait to
share all of it with you guys!

If anyone is going to S.F. Pride in June - let me know!!!!

Love to you all!

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anyone have a super thin dreadhawk i could take a look at? i have a mohawk now, but it's been shaved so thin that it'll probably just be a single line of dreads if i choose to dread it. i feel like that might look a little off...but i figured i'd ask.
A gift from Goss :)

Miss HT update

Thanks to everybody for their comments on my last post, just thought I'd give an update :)

I'm (somehow) in the top 20 of the popular vote, which was a really pleasant surprise to me! So thanks for all of your support.

I've got a couple of new pics up, but they're NSFW so I'm just going to link you to them instead of going through the LJ cut business. Burning Emma

Sometime soon I'm going to do my month-over-due two year timeline.

Thanks again, everybody!
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i haven't washed my hair since wednesday (neglect)
but they smell REALLY bad and they're really greasy, and i'm still in school for 3 more weeks, and people are commenting...
would it do any harm to wash with lemon juice & sea salt?
just because they're still babies...
and then once i'm out of school, it'll be back to not washing so they can mature.
thanks guys :)

UPDATE: I HAVE WASHED MY HAIR :) ahh...smells lovely and feels SOO much better.

there are oh-so-lovely clumps of knots starting to form on the right side :) idk if i should start sectioning, maybe a little longer...i'll post pictures tomorrow.

thank you so much everyone! what would i do without you!?

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Hi, I've just joined :). I've always been interested in trying dreads on my hair but never actually worked up the courage to do it. Recently (after I forgot my hairbrush when I went to my boyfriend's house for a week) I've been liking how my hair looks when I don't brush it and (because it's an annoying length right now) just shoving it in a messy ponytail. Soooo I want to try :). I'm very lazy so I'm thinking of trying the neglect method but I have a few questions. I looked in the memories and didn't find exactly what I was looking for so:

1) I have a LOT of hair, every single time I go for a haircut the stylist comments on how much hair I have. Will this make the process quicker?
2) My hair was pretty damaged about a year ago from when I bleached it and it grew so fast I was rebleaching every 2 weeks. The ends are still pretty dry and so I'm a bit worried about the difference between the 'good' hair near my roots and the dry ends making the dreads look a bit funny iykwim?
3) Do I HAVE to use non-residue shampoo? Or can I get rid of my normal shampoo first...?

Thanks everyone :). I hope I can get my hair to look as awesome as all yours one day :D.