April 28th, 2009



My assessments are finally over, and even though the school's show is around the corner and I'm slacking as usual... I am happy! happy happy happy
Things are also looking better for me, which is great cuz I'm not good with emotions... ok so enuf about me and on to the pics! :)

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hi:) i would really like to dread my hair again, but i don't have much. my head is shaved except for the top and i have bangs. anyone else have similar hair? im thinking it would look really weird.... these were my old, pre hairct dreads-this would be the size and length they would be now=)

UPDATE: i checked the memories secion and didn't find what i was looking for. i don't have a hawk per se-just shaved sides and back=)
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Callin' all Melbournites!

Hey everyone! My dreads are almost 2 years old (6 more days!) and I was hoping to get some proper maintenance done on them, since I have a lot of trouble keeping my arms up and getting to the back of my own head, I pretty much leave them to do their own thing... So I was wondering if there was by some chance, some people on here from Melbourne (Australia) that would be willing to help me out with my hair sometime in the near future. I would be more than happy to pay you!

And just so it's not text only... here are my dreads a few months ago, before I cut out the rest of my extensions:

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First post.

Hello everyone, my name is Jared, and though I have been lurking in this community for quite some time, this is my first picture post. I have had dreadlocks for the better part of three & a half years. I have since shaved them into a dread-hawk, cut a couple inches off them, added various little trinkets to them including beads, washers, pen caps, and various found objects. My experience as a dread-head, thus far has proven to be an interesting one, to say the least... one that I hope to continue for many years to come.

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nature hair bad?

so i've been wondering this for like the past month... since i've been rolling around a lot in nature i get tons of pine needles and leaves and stuff stuck in my dreads... would it be a bad idea to leave them in? haha just wondering...
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dread size.

sorry for posting so many entries, just learning :D.so, i've been looking through the memories like crazy, and i haven't found anything that pertains to this, but correct me if i'm wrong :)

i got some clumps of hair starting on the side of my head, so i was gonna start sectioning. now, i thought "just grab as much hair as you need for the size dread you want". but because they're babies, wouldn't they shrink width-wise once they start to mature? should i take a little bit of more hair to get the right size? thanks as always guys :D