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Mommy dreads [29 Apr 2009|09:40am]
If anyone remembers my previous post I thought I'd finally update since I have some time. If you don't remember I was the girl who didn't know I was pregnant until I was seven months along. 

So after rescheduling my trip to India I had a son on Friday March 13th after being in labor for 22 hours.

These are the best dready pictures  I have with him so far. As you can imagine I don't feel so up to taking pictures of my very tired, bloated self.


About half an hour after James (the fifth) arrived. My sister and fiance.
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Need help [29 Apr 2009|12:36pm]
Hi Everyone,

Let me briefly update you, before I ask for help. About a month ago, I was diagnosed with a Detached Retina. I had surgery on April 9th and during my last follow up appointment, yesterday, the doctor discovered the first surgery did not work. I am now having a recurrent Retinal Detachment. This is basically the worst that can happen to your eye before you go blind. So yesterday I got rushed into another surgery to try to fix this, and will be in recovery for another three weeks. In case you are wondering, I am having my sister type this as I tell her what to write.

Now for my dreadlock related question. As an uninsured student, my medical bills are adding up really quickly, and I still have 2 surgeries to undergo. I am trying to figure out if anybody knows how I can get money for cutting off my dreadlocks and making them into a wig. This is not something I ever planned on because I wanted to keep my locks for at least 5 years. But given the circumstances, it is the best option for me right now.

If anybody knows any information about who will pay money for a wig of dreadlocks, please, please let me know! I will have my sister check responses daily, so any advice will help.
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mwahahahaha. (lots of pictures) sectioning/seperating shit. [29 Apr 2009|10:33pm]
i have no life. and i live on gudu. so i post lots. hope noone minds. if you do, lemme know :)

heneway. here's my tangled mess of hair!

they're wet in these pictures, and my camera sucks. but i still don't know if i should start sectioning now? i'm gonna just wing this whole thing really haha.
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