May 1st, 2009

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My goodbye post

Hello folks. This will be my last post here. On Saturday I finished brushing out my dreads. They would have turned 4 years old yesterday.

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So, I guess the moral of the story is: yes, you can brush out older, mature dreads. Be prepared to spend a long time doing it, though, and for your fingers to be red and sore and swollen.

Thanks for four years of dready fun, folks.
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So I started my new job recently. I now work at Chekers (aka Rally's). It's a drive through burger joint.

So my first night closing I learned how to clean behind the fryer. The air that comes out of the back of that is so hot it burns hair, it burnt off some of my arm hair. So while I was scrubbing the disgusting grease off the back wall behind it my dreads went over the top of the fryer and that super hot air singed the bottom of some of my baby dreads. I was like "OH NO!!" but it turns out it wasn't bad enough to notice. I checked all of them and they're fine, but I just thought I'd share my absolute horror with you guys. I was terrified that I had ruined my 2 month old babies!!

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I'm Pretty Sure I Wanna Cut my Dreads

I've been thinking on and off about it for over a month and always feel relief when I think of the possibilities of a lighter head. I just never managed to wrangle in issues with sleeping on them (I have a bad neck), dandruff, and a few other small things. Notably hats; I love hats. My options are limited with dreads.

Anyway, I figure I'll cut them in a week and a half when I finish off the semester. My girlfriend and I made them together, and I think it important that we un-make them together.

Here are pictures since last I updated, which was like eight months ago. They are a year and a half old at this point:
Oh, there is a "VULGAR" picture at the end.
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It's mighty morphin' time.
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Lunch Again

*from my own journal*

OK, so.. usual deal--I was at lunch at Whole Foods today.

I'm sitting there, eating and reading a book, and this 50-ish bald guy comes up to me and hollers out:

"Are you fucking kidding me? That's a wig, right? Jesus Fucking Christ, please tell me that's not your hair! Nobody would really do THAT to themselves! That's ridiculous. You're insane. Let me get a picture!"

I said, quietly:
"I would not kid you. I don't even know you. Yes, it's my real hair. You're yelling out profanities in the middle of a store full of people, and I'm sitting here reading a book. Who's ridiculous and insane, me or you? Go away."

He sulked away, muttering to himself.

What an asshole.

Oh cruel fate, why does hair grow so slow?

Up until recently I had really long hair, but it was a mohawk, so I got a haircut so that all of it would grow in even. It's been a few months and now my hair is about 5 and a half inches if I pull on it. I know starting-length questions are in the memories, and technically you can dread your hair if it's 6 or even 2 inches. But I don't want to start out with nubs.

Looking at other peoples' dreads as a reference point, I'd say if my hair was about 10 - 12 inches long when I dreaded it then it would be perfect. But at the length i'm at now I'd have to wait over a year. What length would you guys say I should start them at in order for them to be long enough to lay down and not be nubs, without having to wait 13 months... A compromise. Something longer than 5.5 inches so they're not nubs but not quite as long as 12 inche so I don't have to wait quite so long to start them. Is there a common length that's good for getting them to lay down?

Thanks in advance guys.