May 7th, 2009

Hooray for Finals!

Finals are finally over and I really can't believe that I'll be going into my third year of college in the fall. Anywho, I had two spectacular dread encounters today. It is really exciting to run into people who have mature dreads where I live, suburbia, but when I'm downtown at school I see other dreadheads all the time. Just another reason I need to move out of my parent's house.

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CSI: Advice Puppy

A Saucerful of Photos

Its been awhile since I posted, but its rainy outside and I am not in the mood to study for the GRE at the moment. My babies are 2 years and nine months. These pictures are spread out through that time and in no real order.


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Tree Bomb

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Hey guys, my boyfriend's dreads (Two years old) have suspicious looking white ...fluff.. Hm, I thought it could be mold as when he first got his dreads done he had beeswax put into them, and did every time he got maintenance (Until he met me.) D:

Anywho, we both checked the memories, and did a deep clean etc.
We're wondering what it could be? It doesn't smell, but feels rather rough and is in MOST of his dreads, mainly the middle (the core) of the dread.. : (  It's even managed to split one.

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- Thanks in advance Liz

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Peeling scalp?

I looked through the memories, but didn't see anything on this.  I combed my dreads out a couple of weeks ago, and now my scalp is peeling. Almost like I had a sunburn, but I haven't. I havent' seen enough sun in the last few months combined to get a sunburn, so what could be causing this? Maybe a difference in washing? I was only washing my scalp 2-3 times a week with dreads and now I'm washing my brushable hair just about every other day as it looks super greasy if I don't. I'm pretty positive it's not dandruff, unless dandruff has holes in it for hair follicles to push through? Ideas?

And to make this slightly dread related, here's the final picture of my dreads before the big comb-out! :)

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