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New pictures :-D [08 May 2009|01:48pm]

just took some new pictures today since it was so beautiful outside.... I recently dyed my hair, so i thought this way i'd be able to see the color and my locks' progress with such good lighting. I never take pictures, so it's nice to be able to see what my dreadlocks look like to other people, even though the pictures didnt capture the whole length of my hair. 

*edited to fix the LJ cut, and to fix the pictures thumbnails since they werent displaying correctly.... also added a picture of a couple of my pet chickens since they were appreciating the beautiful day like i was*



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new update :) [08 May 2009|01:55pm]
15 months and counting.. (also a question in here)Collapse )
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30 Hour Famine [08 May 2009|02:20pm]
Hey lovely dread heads
I am currently participating in a 30 hour famine to raise money to fight starvation in Africa.
I was wondering, If I posted a link to a site where you guys could support me would you be interested? 
Lish, is this acceptable?
Thanks in advance.
actually I have to run away now, so if any of you have questions or are interested you can donate at the website or message me with your questions.
Thanks you guys! This is a really great cause.    https://www2.worldvision.ca/famine/20441188

And me, at the Louvre, just for fun

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just one. [08 May 2009|08:46pm]
it still surprises me sometimes, when i look down, how long they're getting.

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[08 May 2009|10:05pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

My dreads are only 7 weeks old, but I'm excited about how they're progressing. They've tightened up a fair bit since I last updated about a month ago.

Baby dreadlocks - 7ish weeks old.Collapse )

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