May 9th, 2009



My dreads are 3 months now! I promise I got my counting right this time since last time I got it all wrong. So, excuse my dull self-portraits, lately I'm having problems with that I prefer to take pictures at people not at me haha, but oh well, here they go for you.

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Dreadless dreaming

Oh dear...just a quicky. Have just woken from a dream, in which I someohow managed to brush out all my dreads. Everyone in my dream told me it was about time, and how they'd never liked them, they made me look ugly, and weren't 'me'. Oh, and a bunch of Romulans were trying to kill me (maybe they felt quite strongly about my choice in hairstyle, who knows). Dread paranoia and Star Trek dreams can be quite disturbing you know!

Hope you're all well! :S
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ok! first off, i finally updated my site with new pics of two gudu members. both had recent maintenance appointments.

secondly, i have a slew of pics of my own locks, now a full 1.5 years old. i redid my dye job this week, so i had to take some new photos.

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note that i haven't rebleached since i started this set, which means the brunette you see is 100% new growth. fear it. :D



Advice please, I'm beginning to seriously consider giving up on dreads. I 'officially' started them back in January, however I seem to hitting problem after problem. My drandruff is fairly bad and has been glueing dreads together, so I combed the offenders out and tried to backcomb them back into dreads. I;m using tea-tree oil and T-gel shampoo to try and sort the dandruff out, but the oil makes my (already greasy) hair, even worse.

I've given up on backcombing them and decided to just concentrate on sorting out the dandruff. However this morning I discovered another dandruffy dread, so I combed that out.

I'm considering combing them out until my head is pretty much dandruff free, but I don't know if it ever will, I don't scratch my head in general, so its not itchy, but its getting into my dreads somehow.

Recent photos under the cut

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in the garden

this weekend i went to my parents. they invited me so we could search for a birthdaypresent, although my birthday is may 30rd. they also bought me new teva flip flops. yea they spoiled me, ha! the weather today was awesome. it was nice spring weather. sun and a bit wind. so i went out and made some photo´s in the gardenn! Collapse )