May 10th, 2009

sea gyspy

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has anyone used "Sulfur8 loc twist & braid gel"?
my friend who has had dreads for 8 years or so
put some on her girlfriend's baby dreads and told
me i should try it.

i'm not big on putting product into my hair
because of all of the horror stories I've heard,
but I'm still curious to see what other's opinions are.
any white people use it or try it?

here's a link to the product info:

if you do use products -
what kind have you found you like and why?

just curious!
charlie manson

thirteen and a half months of malformed, tangled joy!

I'll admit this straight up: I am lazy when it comes to my dreads. I don't do anything really. I rounded the tips once, crocheted on my boyfriend's cut dreads once and that, apart from seperating them, is pretty much it. Root rubbing makes my head hurt and arms tired, I try to crochet in loose hairs but get bored after doing one or two so I give up, and palmrolling? What's that? Something that happens to other people.

Also, when starting my dreads I didn't really pay attention to the shapes of the sections I was creating. Most of them were kind of long rectangles. Hmm, I wonder how that turned out...

Anyway, yesterday I actually sat down and sewed in as much of my loose hair as I could. It's by no means a perfect job, I am convinced the only kind of person capable of perfection on the back of their own head must be some kind of evil genius with other superpowers as well.

Now the loose hair is cleaned up it is suddenly immediately obvious how misshapen and lumpy my dreads are.

Onward to pictures!

clearer views lurk behind the cut
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Hippy Predator holiday!

Durer2 by you.
Here photo snap of Hippy Predator on holiday with Irish mercenaries in 1521 in Amsterdam by nice man Albrecht Durer. Mr Durer want to bring hippy predator to go see coffee shops cause Durer assume hippy predator like that type of thing.HIPPY PREDATOR NO LIKE STEREO TYPES!
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can i just tell you, how AMAZING my dreads are coming along?!?!?!
i wish i could post pictures, but i'm getting ready to leave, so i'll put them up later ;)
but ah! my right side of my head and the back are locking up SO well! my left side isn't as good, but it's comin along. like, they kind of section themselves, i just need to rip em away from other ones. but it seems like the ones on my left are sectioning a LOT skinnier then the one's on the right? idk, i'll post pictures and show you guys after. either way, i love them :)
i'm definitely staying natural :)

have you guys ever sectioned your dreads off with beads? or should i just leave em alone and keep rippin them apart. (probably the better choice, but i made some in ceramics and i wanna put them in so bad!)

love GUDU, it's like my second home.


i'm not sure if i'm ready to post after pics.

but yeah.
after one year, and almost one month.
the dreads have been chopped off.

i hate my hair now, because i got completely fucked over by an incompetent "hair stylist".

the only thing i miss is being able to slap my boyfriend in the face with them.
and the shiny beads.
and the good vibes i immediately got from vagabonds and homeless people.

but i don't regret it.
it was time for a change.

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dinner gala hair

last night was my company's 87th annual dinner gala. i did my hair in this super cool braided bun/crown type thing. it's super easy and looks amazing. you just put your locks into a pony tail. make a series of braids (i think i made around 8 or 9) and then pin them around the base of the ponytail.
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