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maybe a little more banjo related than dreadlock related....but ill take my chances. [11 May 2009|12:51am]
[ mood | overtired ]

the dreadlocks will be 4 years old in june

i learned a new funny little trick on the banjer the other day...give it a listen.

ill post a 4 year thing in june to document the growth.
have a good old day!

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as promised [11 May 2009|08:34am]
I finally have some pictures to share.  =)

My mom-in-law has been very sick with cancer, and a particularly bad spell has kept her in the hospital longer than any of us would like.  As a Mother's Day surprise, my husband planted her a small garden.

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~new dreadies~ [11 May 2009|10:49am]
[ mood | curious ]

first of all, i am sorry for the text only post- pictures to come soon!
okay, down to business. this is my 2nd time with dreads so i know the ropes but i have a question the memories didn't quite answer. i have overdyed hair(eeek!, with natural roots. how much palmrolling should i do? i love to play with them, but i also want to avoid breakage and hindering the developemnet of my babies(is this even possible?)......

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14 months [11 May 2009|01:55pm]
My dreads are 14 months today. I'm not much for taking pictures of myself, so #6 is the only one of me. My partner is #1, and his dreads are 19 years old. I thought they were 22, but found out a couple of weeks ago they're a bit younger.

I used to be Gothicmist, but deleted that journal a couple of days ago. Not that I posted much anyway...

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baby dreads [11 May 2009|02:11pm]
[ mood | =D ]

'ello! :]

it's really weird/cool being the dread expert around here. most of the people i know who do have dreads, are misinformed, or have used/still use wax. so i want to thank this community for being totally awesome! i try to teach people about keeping dreads clean and not putting anything nasty in them. i have had at least 6 friends ask me to help them start/maintenance their dreads.

these are the second set i have done.
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on Saturday my friend Jeff and i went to Peak's Island, and hung out on the beach for a while
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PS my dreads will be 7 months in a couple weeks
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that is all. Have a lovely day, all! :]

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HAPPY DREAD BIRTHDAY TO ME!! [11 May 2009|02:32pm]

So yeah...one year ago I started my dread journey. I am happy to say I've kept them for this long~
I can't even imagine myself without them now.
Anyways Im going to treat myself to some much needed maintenance and a deep cleaning tonight!
Time line coming soon-hunting down photos.
im the meantime-here is the back of my head. enjoy!
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Dreads at 20 months... [11 May 2009|03:12pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Ok so I have a day off work and facied an update - yay! My dreads are about 20 months old, and boy they're changing!

About Xmas time I noticed my loops were well, going, and now a few of my thinner dreads still have loops but theyve mostly either flattened down from wet palmrolling or sucked in nearer to the roots.

I did a random photoshoot this morning after yoga hence the "no makeup advertising quicksilver to the max" look. My loose hair is decreasing with time, but i have loads of fuzz behind and around my ears, i usually tuck that in once every 2 or so months and it usually pops back out after a few weeks lol!

Ok photos...

For referance - this time last year:

Dreads at nearly 1 year

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[11 May 2009|05:13pm]
has anyone ever actually had wool rot in their hair? felted in, extensions, or otherwise? how long did you have the wool in before it began to rot?
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