May 12th, 2009

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so this is sort of a follow up to my previous post. basically, i was going to felt wool into my hair to make the dreads thicker; my mohawk right now is only about an inch thick (i have really, really thick, curly hair, and i shaved it down so thin because that's the only way i could get it to stand up). i'm in the process of growing back some extra hair on the sides, which i'll eventually add in to my dreads to thicken them up. in the meantime, i was going to use wool to thicken them up a bit. from what you all have told me though, that's really going to smell after awhile. heh.

could i instead get some loose human hair and dread it into my real hair? i know you can use it to extend dreads, but i just want some added thickness. would this work, and would it be a good idea?

(sorry if i missed this in the memories...)
BW Dreads

Dready Mama

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I just finished backcombing my 92nd dread. I was in Seattle this weekend and had Lish section my head for these bad boys and she managed to get 82 skinny little pieces in addition to my 10 existing year old dreads. I haven't palm-rolled them really well yet (obvious more in some than others) but my arms got too tired after doing over 40 of them just this morning by myself! I wasn't in the mood to set up my gorillapod for nicer shots with my DSLR so these P&S photos will have to do for now. Even my square husband said, "Actually, they look like they're gonna look really good when you don't resemble Sideshow Bob so much." :D Thanks again, Lish, for sectioning me.

Second set.

Hi everyone. I haven't posted here in a long time, mainly because... well I don't have dreadlocks anymore. I don't regret cutting them out, but I definitely want another set. So! This post is basically to state that I am on the road to my second knotty head =D

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