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[15 May 2009|12:57am]
[ mood | tired ]

I added some more dreads to my collection. I have about 30 something. My head is looking pretty crazy right now but i am excited for what will happen.
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It's been a minute! [15 May 2009|01:57pm]

~3.5 y/o
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Toddlerwearing Love. [15 May 2009|02:03pm]
I know there are many child-free people here, so this is for my fellow dready breeders. ♥


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Almost 3 months [15 May 2009|06:27pm]
I've started a list of things I miss about straight(ish) hair and things I don't miss about straight hair. One of the things was curly hair....Collapse )

Also, something from my list of "things to accomplish before my next birthday"

accomplished :D
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[15 May 2009|11:02pm]

sometimes people ask me ridiculous questions about my locks. Am I going to wear dreads untill the wedding day or do they prevent me from working and studing, etc. There is absolutely nothing I would like to do and can not with dreads. and tlocks somehow even help me to be succesful.

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