May 16th, 2009


almost a month ago i went to rome for my study. (i'm becoming a teacher for the elementary school). it was a beautifull experience, altough it was the second time i visited rome. this picture is taken by a schoolmate. i do not feel hundred procent comfortable by the fact he photographed me secretly. i'm not religious, but i really love churches, temples and so on. those places makes me feel calm and peacefull. it's personal. i cant really explain. but now i have this beautiful picture, so i wanted to share it with you, here on gudu. haaaaaaaaaa, sweet dreams or have a nice day. click here to see my rome-journal on gudu


people can be so arrogant sometimes.

i live in a small town that consists of wannabe gangsta kids. i'm basically the talk of the school right now; known as "the girl who's doing dreadlocks" i wasn't surprised when random people asked me questions, and i kinda like informing people of the wanders of dreads. basically every person has asked if i wash my hair.

now. my history teacher has been getting on my nerves so bad. every day i walk into class she makes a comment about my dreads. AND on top of that she adds "you're not supposed to wash your hair" i politely told her that you can wash your hair, and indeed do. she suddenly jumped all over me saying "you think i don't have friends in college who has dreads? i had an ex-boyfriend who had dreads too. and your not supposed to wash your hair". i told her "there's no right or wrong way to having or maintaining dreadlocks. you can choose to wash or choose not to. i prefer to have clean hair." she told me "then those aren't  true dreadlocks."

honestly!! who does she think she is telling me i'm wrong, when really there is no wrong! it just pisses me off how ignorant some people can be.

Up-do Dreadlocks?

Hello all,
It has been a while since I have been around GUDU, but I've missed all the lovely dreads around.
Anyhoo, My prom is coming up and i am looking for some ideas for my hair.
Is anybody willing to post some photos of their dreadie up-dos?
I need some ideas.

I have dreads a little longer than my shoulders and undreaded bangs.
Help me out?
Please and Thanks.

My Harrr, and love.

Deep Clean

I decided to do a deep clean on my dreadlocks today since it had been a while. The last time I did one I just used a baking soda rinse followed by a apple cider vinegar rinse. This time I followed the recipe in the GUDU memories that is essentially

- 3/4 cup baking soda
- 4T lemon juice
- 2T salt
- Water as hot as I could stand, which is pretty damn hot.

I left out the tea tree oil because as a hedgehog owner I don't keep it around. Just the residue from one drop can be very, very bad around hedgies. :) I soaked my head in there for about 45 minutes (thank goodness I've been working out because it took a lot of upper body strength to hold my head in a bucket that long! Haha!) and then sat with a shower cap for about 15 minutes or so.

I then did a apple cider vinegar soak for about 10 minutes and then rinsed like hell.

My head is happy now. =D

I think I am going to switch to the no poo method because the amount of soap residue from Dr. Bronner's is INSANE. Fuck all that noise.

Oh, and living with chain smokers is NOT dreadlock friendly.

Of course that water was clear to begin with. I was surprised it wasn't dirtier.

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Love is!