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New set... hello again! :-) [17 May 2009|05:09pm]
I used to be on this forum with my first set, and decided to return with this one!

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4 Monthssss [17 May 2009|09:31pm]
My babies are about 4 months old now! They're forming pretty slowly, I think they are wayyyyy too thin. I've had zero luck finding a felting needle for combining purposes, so I've braided some of them together in hopes that they'll stay and I bought a tiny crochet hook today...though I'm afraid it'll just rip the little hairs. We'll see. I'll play with it when it's daylight again. I got a sunburn today, so ignore my uccckkk face.
When I was still in Florida the lovelyyy arthuradot gave me a bag of his last set of dreadies, which I felt incredibly lucky to have. It's really the best present someone can be given, they're all so special and unique. I play with them a lot and feel all kinds of love from/for them. I felted one of them into my own, and I must say, it's my favorite modification thus far :]
I cut out my dread that my bff felted with wool and my other bff's old dread, I had intentions of re-felting it in after dying my hair blue, but my felting needle broke so it's just sitting around waiting to rejoin the rest of the clan on my head. Anyway, PEEKTARS!

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[17 May 2009|11:31pm]

my sister is fucking rad. she bought me beads for my birthday from etsy!

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and theres a cute ass brown one hidden in the depths. :D

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