May 21st, 2009

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My housemate took a photo of me whilst I was mopping the floor earlier today, and it was only when I saw this appear on Facebook that I noticed a bit of a similarity...

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charlie manson

mixing your own henna = love

I posted here last year about the disgusting build-up that I got from henna mixed with cocoa butter. I intended to mix my own next time I dyed, however me being me and lazy, it's taken me 6 months to get round to it. Before I hennaed I bleached some stripes on the ends of a few of my dreads, in an attempt to make them look a bit like bees.

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Using human hair

Hi, I hope this is on topic. What do y'all think about the ethics of buying human hair to extend your dreadlocks (as some here like to do)? I've been hearing some really DODGY things about the sourcing from majority world countries - such as Russian female prisoners forcibly shaved, or Hindu women praying for their house not to be repossessed who have their hair shaved as an spiritual offering/sacrifice - only for it to end up sold to wealthy Westerners. Dead people's hair taken, with or without the family's consent. Or simply women and girls (children = most desirable hair) who are paid a pittance for their long hair by dealers in places like India, Russia and South East Asia.

Are there reputable ethical sources? Is it fair to buy human hair from an unknown source? Is it vegan? If it is consensual, is it always okay, or if poverty is a factor, is this a problem? What about people in first world countries who sell their hair? I don't know! Personally it's looking a bit shady to me from the little bit I know so far.

(I've gone the cheap route and have bought a lot of bargain basement alpaca fleece to make extensions, but it turns out the staple is only 5cm - hope it's long enough to felt into stable dreads. EEK! Will post pics later!)

Wedding photo

My dear friend Sierra got married at the Pharmacy Museum in the French Quarter here in New Orleans. I brought my camera and my lens baby and took a some informal shots. During the reception I saw this dapper fellow in his swanky hat and, along with many other guests, took a photo of him. I thought you guys might enjoy this one.


Someone asked me to post a time line in a different post, but I think I posted on here already. So instead of boring you with another timeline that you've already seen, I posted it to my journal. So if you'd like to see it, go check it out :)

Also, I'm excited about starting my next set in a couple of weeks!

And here's the link for people looking back

I Want Change

I've been thinking about bangs. If I had the nerve, I'd shave the sides of my head and have cute short bangs (like xseaxgypsyx's hair, I love her haircut!). I have included pictures for any recommendations/suggestions/ideas you can give me.

If I do decide to make bangs, how the heck do I do them without combing out the entire dread? I've checked the memories, but didn't see anything regarding this, though I remember there being posts about it in the past (point me to the memories if I missed them). Can I just cut out some hairs and have super teeny tiny short bangs to start with, thus leaving a thinner dread behind? It would be a tragedy to comb out these particular dreads in the front, as they have a history and they are my babies!

And 3rd question, regarding hair dye. It is such a bitch to maintain the color I have, though I have dedicated myself to it because it's a fantastic color and the most unassuming people will stop me at work to tell me what a great color it is. However, sfx doesn't stick to the hair that wasn't bleached, so my roots loose the color very quickly. I do not want to bleach this virgin hair, so I'm trying to think of other options. Keep it natural (light brown), dye it a different color (dark brown? black?), or suck it up and bleach it. Or just stop giving a crap about the color all together because who notices anyway?

Okay, here are some pictures for reference:

***Edited to Add***
Okay, consensus is no bangs. Thank you for your opinion!!!

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New here, but have been wanting dreads for a long time now. I've always had short hair and was putting it off for one reason or another. My hair's gotten fairly long now so I'm excited. My anticipation for the day I finally do this is building like crazy. Mostly people keep telling me not to do it and that it'll "ruin my hair" and other comments like that \; It's kind of putting me down but I'm not too concerned with everyone's approval, so I'm gonna go through with it soon.

I looove long dreads, hence me growing my hair out haha I know it'll still grow after but the hair length shortens after dreading it right/by about how much? I'm just having worries about starting out and the beginning stages, etc, but I know it'll be worth it and I'll end up loving it. I've read through memories and checked out before/after posts and everyone here seems great {: So idk, kind of just a saying hi post and hoping for some encouragement haha and here's a photo of me to go along with this mess of a post Collapse )
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