May 23rd, 2009

temporary insanity

It is after midnight, so I can officially say WOOT, my dreads turned 6 months today.....BUT... Call me mental. I've been so in love with my dreads lately. They have really been coming along and tightening and fattening up. I have thought I would have them forever, because I love them so much. I come to this group every day and love looking at all the dread pics. I was planning to post a great timeline today. But yesterday out of no where I started combing out my dreads. I didn't plan it, I just started doing it. I'm no where near done, but I did manage to get out like four dreads all the way, and tons of other ones halfway up. I am so sickened by this. I did not want this. I call it a spontaneous day of insanity. Anyway, today I didn't comb on them anymore. I want them. I'm just unsure if I have ruined them totally. idk... I definitely know I want my dreads. I'm just unsure if I should comb them the rest of the way out, and start a new set? Or just rebackcomb what I have done? Or just not do anything and let them do thier thing natural? Sorry no pic, but they look HORRIBLE this way. Has anyone else done this sort of stupidity?
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6 months???!!

i didn't even know my dreads were 6months until i went to my profile to look for something and saw my ticker... hahahah. but yeah... i thought i was going to be extremely happy at 6 months but i feel really self conscious about them and think they look like shit. :(

i would post pictures for some dreadly encouragement but uh i have bad luck with cameras! :(
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the valley

some pictures

Hello, all :O) The folks over at naturalliving  suggested I check this place out for info and community concerning my hair, so here I am! My name's Lydia and I live in (and love, believe it or not) Worcester, Massachusetts. My locks are 10 days old, and they're sorta shabby but I'm going to let them do their thing for a while. On June 8th I move to the Maine coast for a summer job, where I will be able to swim in the ocean and play outside a lot - they should be happy there :O) I really enjoy brass band music, swimming, and unschooling. In my spare time I play the bassoon. I only say this because I feel like it has begun to explain parts of my lunacy.


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Thundercat suggests....

Yesterday I went to the concert of Wizard Eye [cottonmouthdn ]. It was quite the interesting concert, as I'd never been to a show/concert of their type of music. Humble venue & all. I was told that I should share these two pics. Then I took a nap. Then I wondered to myself:

Why DIDN'T I think to post these over here?

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I don't usually bring cameras to concerts, so I wasn't sure if anyone would get annoyed or whatever lol.
These are the only good pics I got out of the deal, so...meh.

Me with pink highlights

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Haven't posted in quite some time. I've mostly been lurking.

Annnyway, my dreads are just 2 weeks over the 1 1/2 year mark. Woo. And I was bored so I decided to bleach a couple and dye them pink.