May 25th, 2009

get dreaddds?

i am brand new to this...about 10 minutes new.

but iv'e been a long time lurker.

i just wanted to get some feeback and opinions to whether my hair is suited to be dreaded yet.
i have quite a large fringe and shorter that a problem? or should i equal everything out?

also i have backcombed 2 dreads already on the sides of my neck where it is long and will post a pic up later.
They are about 2 - days old and are quite frizzy its starting to get to me.

so heres a pic about a month ago..sorry its abit unnecessary but it the best one to show my hair.


yes? no?

kitty in a basket

dandruff from food allergies.

yo so i have the sickest dandruff ever. sometimes its wet and oozes, sometimes it's dry as hell. i've tried different shampoos, acv rinses, baking soda, and now i'm pretty certain that i get it from a food allergy. a lot of times when i eat ice cream and certain hot sauces my head begins to itch pretty bad during the first bite. i figure that the common denominator between the two foods is some sort of food preservative, and i also figure its in a lot of things i eat, since i have mad dandruff. it could also not be the sole cause, but just another factor that makes it so bad. who knows. too bad i'm not insured or i could get an allergy test. oh well.
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