May 28th, 2009


Hello! My name is Imke and I am from the Netherlands
I have my dreads for some longer than two years now
While searching for photos to make a timeline I found a lot
and as a result I have a hell of a lot of photos to share!

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sup guys

hey everyone =] been a whiiiile. had some time, so i decided to share some of my personalities with you. i apologize for the photo dump... i don't post often!

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i <3 derby


Man I have been so busy lately, I barely had the time to do this but I wanted to because...

SIX MONTHS(in a week)! :D Half a year, woo! They were made on Dec 09th 2008.

I'm going to Dollylocks next week for some loose hair/root/maybe tip rounding/heinous loop maintenance. So.. here are the before pics! I'll post afters when I get them.

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rara avis

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It's been a while.

Photoshoot 002
Photo by Deborah Yerkovich

My dreads are now 23 months old. Though I love them dearly their life may be coming to an end. I'm nervous to make that leap, but I believe that they've served their purpose for now, and it's nearing time for a pure simplicity.
BW Dreads

Just Two

Dredz Can Haz Skechbuk?
Dredz Can Haz Skechbuk?

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Couple weeks old now and doing dandily. My hair was curly/wavy before dreads and I like how they still wave a bit when I don't palmroll after washing, though the first photo doesn't really illustrate that all too well. Did a little baking soda soak today because my scalp was feeling scummy. It took a good three or four rinses to have the bowl of water run clear, mostly from hair dye residue. Yummy. Having 92 of these suckers on my head hasn't proven to be too bothersome thus far, it just takes me a super long time to shower and palmroll after I wash them. Still loving the skinniness. The bangs, on the other hand, are a royal pain in the ass. :)
scarlet begonias

fourteen months

it's been a long time since i've posted...mainly because i hate photobucket. hope everyone is well! my dreads are 14 months now. for a few weeks i wanted to cut them, i felt really discouraged with their progress and just generally felt ugly. instead i combed out the front...currently i like them (for the most part), but i go back and forth. enough chatter.

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