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Dreadventure! [01 Jun 2009|01:21am]
Since the summer is now upon us, I took advantage of my free time before work started to trek down to Baltimore for a week to immerse myself in my friend's life and pass approval of his friends from home.
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Touching! [01 Jun 2009|02:20am]
What are dreadlocks good for if not for touching? =D

This is what happens when it's 2AM and I'm waiting for laundry to be done.
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NIN and Jane's Addiction in Detroit last night [01 Jun 2009|07:33am]
[ mood | amused ]

I kind of ended up becoming a "dread spotting ninja" at the concert. I only saw 1 other female with dreads, and only 2 with really nice synth. And of course, no pictures of them... The crowds were thick and fast moving!
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And yea, I know, no pictures of me... My 18 dreadies are 3 weeks old last friday! This week they will be finished and I will post again.
But seriously, 1 girl with dreads besides myself. I was a bit surprised!

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a little over 4 months. [01 Jun 2009|12:39pm]
so i think all my hair is dreaded now. It was all red but has now faded to some weird colors. will fix soon. I cut some off he both sides, dreaded together and extended to one of the dreads. Now it is long enough i use it to tie up my hair for work etc..

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[01 Jun 2009|11:55pm]

18 months.
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