June 2nd, 2009

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Today my dreadlocks are 4 years 6 months old!

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With my other friend we were going to do some deep cleaning but she got a bit worried because she has dyed her hair and now she is afraid that her hair will lose its color if she does the cleaning. Any experiences about that? Couldn't find anything in the memories.

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so we got a pool in our backyard recently and i've been swimming a lot. we use this stuff called "baquisil" instead of chlorine. i'm just wondering what/if it does anything to dreads? i looked in the memories and don't see much about what exactly chlorine does to dreads. but this is a chlorine alternative, supposedly. i can't even find anything on google about it.

so i guess what i'm asking is, does anyone here have any experience on what baquisil does to dreadlocks? or if it's harmful?

i actually think it's making my dreads tighter. when my younger sister swims in the pool her hair gets extremely knotted up, so i'm wondering about that as well.

A sneak peek...

Hey my dreaded friends. (ha that cracks me up every time.) i just recently posted a day in my life, part of a community you may or may not be aware of. anyway. if you wanna check it out and see the other two lovely dreaded people i live with in everyday life here's the link: 61 pictures of a great day! i hope you enjoy! leave a comment and i welcome new friends! most definitely! XD ciao for now.

Winter Solstice

Just a wild stab in the dark because I havent yet seen any cairns people on here but is anyone going to the winter solstice festival in cairns, AUS??

Its going to be mad fun!

its been awhile since I posted - heres a pic of me and my year and half olds! (more after exam period ey?)

not the greatest pic but it closely resembles what i will look like on the weekend hahaha.