June 4th, 2009


What do I say?

I'm about to go live with my parents for a couple months while I take a summer class. The problem is that my parents live in a tiny tiny little farming community in rural upper peninsula of michigan, drenched with all the American stereotypes of the ignorant, racist, guns-n-beer, kinds of folk.
Every single time I go home, I get stared at by strangers. More accurately, my hair does.
So my question is, what do I do when someone is giving me the blatant, stare-directly-at-me or possibly the point-at-head-and-whisper? It makes me extremely uncomfortable and a mixture of ashamed of my fellow humans, and appalled by their confrontational manner, especially people who have said stuff either to my face or purposefully within earshot. I think I need some kind of reply in these situations because it's plain rude. I was thinking I could say "They're dreadlocks" neutrally and leave it at that. They must be curious, right? Of course there's the ever-popular 'take a picture' but that's not so fresh or informative. Many people in my hometown have never even seen a person who isn't white, or who isn't from the U.S., or who has an "alternate" appearance.

What would you do or what have you done in the past?
I'm specifically not looking for rudeness back (unless push comes to shove, ladies and gents), just a reminder that they're being inappropriate and that it's a hairstyle, not some weird fuck-up of something.

Way Out West

I posted maybe a month ago and mentioned my friend and I were going on a roadtrip westward- Montana as her endpoint, Seattle as mine. Thought I would post a few pictures from said trip. I havent uploaded everything yet, but these ones probably showed my hairs the best- with a few thrown in for fun.

I cant go anywhere without making a million stops along the way, heh.
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okay okay i'm really bored i've been sitting here watching Law and Order SVU all day so i took some pictures cuz i kinda liked the way i look today and i think i'm acting weird because i haven't slept yet! and i'm hungry. but here are pictures and then i made you guys a movie.

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