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2am and waiting for the boy to get home from work [05 Jun 2009|01:52am]
4months and counting!Collapse )
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[05 Jun 2009|10:48am]
[ mood | tired ]

any tips or tricks for combing out dreads, other than tons of conditioner and patience? i'm combing out about 2/3 of my 14 month old dreads and was wondering if anyone had any advice or techniques that could help.

oh, and don't worry, i'm almost immediately redreading. i finally got too sick of my sectioning and i've wanted more dreads for quite a while, so i'm going to shoot for 35 or 40, total, including the ones i'm keeping from this set. combing has helped me realize exactly how much i love my dreads and want to have dreads forever-- i have NO IDEA what to do with the brushable hair i have now. i'm keeping it in braids, taking it out when i shower and conditioning it to help make it a little stronger before i dread up again.

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Loose dreads. [05 Jun 2009|11:38am]
I started my dreads about three weeks ago. Since then, a lot of them have loosened up (mostly at the back). They're still sectioned, but barely. Should I just wait and see if they do anything, or re-backcomb now? Thanks guys!
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5.5 [05 Jun 2009|01:33pm]

five years and a half
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stickiness [05 Jun 2009|06:41pm]
My dreads are only a month but Ive been washing them with baking soda(2L ice cream pail thing with 2 teaspoons bakinsoda, put over head, then rinse for ever!) once a week. but my problem is, when im rinsing them they feel really sticky, I thought it was the baking soda so this time I just washed/rinsed with water for 20 mins at least, and still feel sticky. This doesn't feel clean, should I try using something else maybi,? Any help is appreciated,  :)
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[05 Jun 2009|07:49pm]
9 & 1/2 months and high school graduation!Collapse )
have a beautiful rest of your friday! :)
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