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Maintenance time! [06 Jun 2009|12:25am]
So tomorrow afternoon I gets to gets my hairs did.

The frizzy flyaways will finally be under control. Super many thanks to the awesome lishd for taking care of my head ropes!
Pics of the 6 7 month olds to follow, of course.

In the meantime, so this isn't text only, blah, blah, blahCollapse )

Huh, that turned out more image heavy than expected. As always, clicky-pop for the embiggening.
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tres años [06 Jun 2009|12:26am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

i know that starting over is not what life's about, but my thoughts were so loud i couldn't hear my mouthCollapse )

check out my music if you've got a spare moment: http://www.myspace.com/katiitornick

much love everyonee <3 <3 <3

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[06 Jun 2009|05:19am]
Hello. I'm Leigh'sa. My dreads are only going to be seven months old this month. They're still babies.
The beginning:

In May:

I have a problem with loose hairs too. It doesn't matter how many times I re-dread the back, it falls out. My hair was really soft before my dreads, and it's still pretty short so I don't know what to do. :[
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[06 Jun 2009|01:04pm]
The dreads are over 16 months old. I am currently getting ready for a graduation party and some free beer thing after..I got bored and wanted to see how different I looked without my glasses (since a few people comment on the issue). I don't like the pictures but hey my hair looks good and for once my bangs are kinda doing what they were suppose to! : )

These are the results..Collapse )
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hey guyz, like my ~diploma~? [06 Jun 2009|09:30pm]

NEWSFLASH: i'm no longer a high school student! WHOOTWHOOT!Collapse )
Now that I've graduated, I'll be moving across the country to NYC in a few days, where I know absolutely no one but my sister.  I'm a bit nervous.

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burning tips. [06 Jun 2009|10:23pm]
hey guys.

so, whenever i meet someone new and they see i have dreads, they usually ask i burn my ends. i've never heard of this before. then one of my friends who had naturally formed dreads said that she used to burn her ends as well.

what does this do exactly? i'm guessing to keep the dread from unraveling. but if the ends aren't dreaded, would this stop the dreading from happening? and how would someone like me, who has wispy undreaded tips, go about burning the ends?

and anything else you guys know about burning the tips, just throw it out there :)
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