June 7th, 2009

Long time no update.

I haven't updated in a couple of months, but I have been watching you all and -adoring- all of your progress. It's so much fun to see a poster that you recognise from an earlier post and to see how much their hairs are changing. Fab!

Life has been pretty shitty recently, to say the least, but it's looking like it's back on the up again so I'm satisfied with that. Life will always go back up after a little time down below. And hey, it's the shit that keeps us grounded, doesn't it?

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Surprise kitty

Early morning ponderings after a double shift:

Really random question: Do you think think that dreads were popular "back in the day" due to the fact that its an "easy" hair style to do (Well, its actually a lot of work, but I mean, if you leave your hair alone for a week or two, you got a set going), or do you think that its always been as "taboo" as it is?

Okay, admittedly, society is getting more accepting of the strange things we usually-under-40-set like to do to ourselves, what with pink hair, mohawks, tattoos and such, but dreads have been around for forever, and people still give dirty looks/are undereducated about cleaniliness behind them.

Now, this question clearly doesn't relate to many cultures and countries such as Jamica, but it's been something that has been on my mind for a while now, and I didnt recall coming across a question like it in the memories.

Set #2

We didn't get out of Seattle until way later than planned, so we're headed out camping tonight..BUT that does mean that I got all of my hair backcombed. It's not (quite) sideshow bob status, but I have faith that my babies will do what they're supposed to anyway. Thanks again Lish for sectioning my head for me! Nobody owned up to cutting my hairs either :) And of course, my camera worked just to spite me I'm sure..lol

So...here are pictures.

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They're extra frizzy this time due to breakage from combing the last set out I think...or just because I have frizzy hair :) Oh yeah, and here's the link to my timeline in my journal as requested...

snow white is dead


ok so i'm really really nervous about this. i've been having this iron-y smell coming from my dreads while they are wet for a while now. i read the memories and did everything i could, thinking that perhaps it was just residue from my shampoos..maybe some leftover dye? i rinsed each dread individually with hot water, deep cleaned, switched shampoos, stopped shampooing/getting them wet as often..and its STILL there.

now i'm getting really worried that it could be some sort of mildew/mold. which i've already read the memories on. i have no physical signs of it, but that smell is potent when my babies are wet.

can any of you give me a bit of insight?
i really dont want to cut off my babies.