June 9th, 2009


Cuatro meses :'D

Yesterday my dreads ate thousands of children, I mean, turned 4 months old! I celebrated watching pr0nz, nah, not really, in fact, I forgot about that hehe. Anyway, more pics under the cut.

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Joe //Jaws of steel.

Disney princess shout-out!

So I've been feeling kinda... un-feminine lately. I love my hair so much, but it seems like people are either too scared to approach me or assume that I'm weird or something. This probably has a lot to do with my move back to my parents house in SoCal from San Francisco (a dread-mecca of a city). Anyways, today I was on the set as an extra for a music video for Disney sensation, Demi Lovato. As we're waiting to film, I'm just standing around minding my own business when she says "Hey, I really love your hair. Dreads are so awesome. I love them." And she's on the stage, and I'm on the floor and everyone looks at me. And she just smiled and was genuinely nice and awesome. It was really cool because she was being hounded by fans and I was just standing around, zoning out, and she just randomly gave me a compliment.

It made me feel really good about myself. And yeah yeah, I know she's a Disney popstar/actress, I shouldn't need her to validate my femininity. But she is really pretty and it just made me feel really good about myself. I think I can take that positive comment and make it last until August, at least. ;]
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Um, hi.

I've taken the plunge, no going back now, I'mma have dreads.  Woot!

I'm just doing backcombing, no chemicals or wax or anything.  And I've done my whole head now...and they're puffy.

I mean, I've poured through photos of "new dreads" and mine *look* like I'm doing it right, and I know as I palmroll them more and such they'll tighten, it's not that puffy I'm concerned about.

They're sticking straight out puffy is the problem!

When I woke up this morning, the bandana I'd put on had come off in the night...and my husband nearly died laughing.   It was like...a CLOUD of hair around my head.  Some were sticking STRAIGHT UP.  I looked like a dandelion in puffpall form.  Bride of Frankenstein, stick-your-finger-in-a-light-socket straight out, oh man...I mean, just...whoa boy.

Could I be doing something wrong here?

Now, my hair was about shoulder length, mostly, before dreading.  I know longer is better, but I couldn't wait *any longer* to dread them, "my hair is too short" was just getting too old of an excuse to not do it.  And I've seen photos of baby dreads sticking kinda out, but those were, you know, tiny little 1-3 inch long dreads, of course they stick out.  My dreads are anywhere from 6 to 8 inches long..and STICKING STRAIGHT OUT!

How can I control these babies?!?  What did I screw up?

Help please? 

(Edited to add photo link.  Please don't laugh.  Okay, laugh, it can't be helped, but tell me...does it look like I'm starting off right here?)

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so you lost your trust.. though you never should have..

Hello boys and girls.. how are all of you? =)

Just a little update. and I wanna agree with everyone else that this is the most love-ing one can get from a community. Its just so awesome.. And my dreads are hitting 5 months in week.. the memories did awesome.. and ok pictures time cause I'm really bad at words.. (shy person by nature =P)
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Take care and I love you all!!
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looking up pictures of dede the tree man!
pictures of festivals, weddings, and NIN to come shortly!

i hope everyone is having a righteous summer!
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15 months!

Ya, so I sort of fell off the face of the earth for a little while! Things have been crazy, I was trying to help my friends find us an apartment when we were scattered all over Maine and New Hampshire. Attempting to find a job 300 miles from where I was located at the time, things where just totally nuts and I had no idea what was going on. I've now been in my happy little apartment with 3 good guys for a little over 3 weeks, and I've somehow landed a second job interview at the local mall. @_@

I didn't even realize that my dreads were 15months old today!  For some reason I had it in my head that they were only 13 months. Ya, I'm totally losing it. Figured I'd toss a little update out there for you guys :D

Ya, I had to try the dread-beard :3

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