June 12th, 2009


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Sorry guys, since my native language is Spanish sometimes I'm not used to some slang words or phrases so, I just wanted to know if someone just insulted me or what. I uploaded a timeline post on Facebook about my dreads because I want to have a record from the first month, anyway, there's this guy who is American and made a comment saying: "You're quite a crusty hippe" and I'm still wondering what he tried to imply with that, that I am too temperamental for being a hippie? Which I'm not, well, I don't consider myself as a hippie. What did he try to say? Are there several meanings for the word crusty besides irascible and crispy? Or using that adjective with hippie means something not offensive?
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monster dread?

my dreads are 4 months old on the eighteenth!
i've been contemplating taking 6 or 7 dreads and making one monster dread.
however, as my dreads are still quite young, would it be easier to comb them out and then re-dread/backcomb as one dread, or to marge them all into one? my issue with the second is that six or seven might be hard to do. i read the memories, and i've found a fair bit of information about combining dreadlocks, but a lot of it seems to be for adding one or two together, and this seems like it would be a bit different. also, because my dreads haven't locked, would it be easier just to start over, so that it doesn't fall into seperate dreads?

also, my dreads at 3 months three weeks:

i <3 derby

Advice? :[

So, I posted over a week ago about how I was going to a salon for some maintenance.. well stuff came up and I had to cancel. And it got me to thinking.. do I need Maintenance? So I was wondering... do you think I need maintenance? Personal opinions? Thanks! (They are just under 7 months, started with backcombing/palmrolling and crochet method). I was looking through the memories and pretty much all of them said that loose hairs would get sucked back in.. but mine seem excessive.

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BW Dreads

One Month

One Month Roots

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My natural hair color is starting to show. It will be kind of neat to watch the growth of the roots because while it is growing out, the bottoms of my dreads will be shrinking up. So, my hair will be growing and losing length at the same time. Pretty neat. I noticed it in the last photo so attempted a quick close-up. Had to Photoshop out quite a few flakes (because ew, who wants to look at that?) due to being in the lovely new dreadhead adjustment period. They're still obviously quite fuzzy and rough, so I palmroll after every wash and separate every few days as they try to eat each other. Coming along nicely, though. The last photo was obviously not meant to showcase my dreads, but to serve as a before photo as I am about 3 weeks pregnant with a microscopic embryo in it. But, I thought the light highlighting my lighter roots looked cool so I am posting it here. I will be taking the nicer progress photos this weekend. Hope everybody is well. :)

wet hair

I just got done washing my hair. They've been growing so much lately and are getting uncomfortably heavy when wet. Afterwards, I sat down to study for a college placement test (because I dropped out of college over 5 years ago and remember almost nothing about Calculus or Trig, but yay for going back to school) and got a little bored trying to remember the damn unit circle so I started surfing gudu of course. Ten minutes later, I look down and my notebook is covered in water. I drop it on the floor and lose balance (I sit on an exercise ball instead of a computer chair) and all of the water that dropped on the ball between my legs tilts back into my crotch. That wasn't terribly nice of it. Now I feel all soggy. I think I might need to change my boxers.
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Ugh, so I've been having bad hair day after bad hair day.
I love my dreads but they are so far damaged and haven't been growing for a long time.
I'm seriously thinking about chopping them all of and starting from scratch, not dying my hair and doing better sectioning, yadda yadda yadda.

I figure, no use waiting for things to sort out when I'm just not happy with the way they look, the size they are, and how damaged they are.

I am already having major seperation anxiety just thinking about it, ugh like crying. I'm positive I'm going to do this.